BlockShow Asia 2019 in Singapore

in #sct2 years ago
  • There will be an event called 'BlockShow Asia 2019' next month in Singapore. The event is a festival of decentralized technologies, and many blockchain developers and investors come together to exchange information and seek business.

  • The event will be held for two days from November 14 to 15, with many speakers including FinTech officer Sopnendu Mohanty.

  • Main agendas include investment in 2020, the importance of the Asian OTC market, the importance of standards for crypto trading, the progress of stable coins, and blockchain energy solutions, including investment, trading, crypto finance, development, gaming, security, and many other topics will be covered.

  • Participants will discuss in-depth studies of the essential aspects of the industry and the elements necessary for the development of the ecosystem.

  • BlockShow is being the most famous conference in the blockchain industry. I also look forward to seeing a lot of response at Blockshow 2019 in Singapore.

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