[AAA] Starting Presale of Triple A, the blockchain based Movie and Video review platform.

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As informed before we are in the preparation of a separate project that can bring new users into the Steem economy. The launching of Scot and Nitrous have been a huge success and shown what potential we will have already with Scotbot.

Beside of the roadmap of JJM, we would therefore like to create a new token economy based on Scotbot and Nitrous and are announcing the presale of the Triple A (AAA) token.

1. General Data about the Token

  • Name : TRIPLE A
  • Symbol : AAA
  • MAX / Presale = 1 Billion / 100 Million
  • Presale: Only accepted in JJM, 1JJM = 100 AAA
  • Softcap: 30K JJM (3 Million AAA) per account.
  • Airdrop for JJM Holder: We will initiate a 1:1 Airdrop for JJM holders. (Timing of Snapshot will be announced directly before Airdrop)
  • Selling period: 21th of May 2019 - 5th of June 2019 (23:59 KST)
  • Referral system: For an existing Steem User 2%+2%, for a new user (including generation of a new Steem account) 3%+3%
    Referral system will either work manually based on memos when transferring.
    ex) when buying AAA and sending JJM for it, add "@jayplayco - referral" and both of the buyer and @jayplayco would get 2% of the buying amount as referral.
  • Selling: As we will accept only JJM as payment, the selling will be handled on discord (https://discord.gg/v64srHX) or with comments on Steem
  • Left over Qty.: If we won't sell the 100 Million tokens during the presale, we will NOT burn them but will evenly based on the % distribute it between the AAA token presale holders.
  • Starting of sales on Steem-Engine : beginning of 5th of June 2019

2. Token economy


The rest of 900 Million tokens will be devided into 4 pools

  • Development, Management and Promotion Pool
  • Reward Pool (Payout 3 days, 4:6, where 6 is the Curator reward)
  • Business Model Pool
  • Unique Views Pool (need a separate development and is intended to generate rewards for unique views for up to 2 years)
  • Staking: Unstaking will be 5 days. [Edited from 3 days 21th.05.2019]

3. What is Triple A about?


The project Triple A is to create a community around movies and video reviews. In an easy explanation, A is like B => We would like to create a Rotten Tomatoes style community on the Steem Blockchain. Based on the concept of SCOTbot and Nitrous, there are going to be a lot of changes needed to be able to create that kind of platform and community, but we wanted to catch the moment itself we have currently here at Steem.

So, based on this the status with SCOTbot and Nitrous will be phase I and based on a customized condensor we are going to launch phase II.

a. Phase I


  • Condensor: only Nitrous with generic Steemit overview.
  • Community: starting to write review for movies and videos and add tags matching to the review.

b. Phase II


The main difference here is that Steemit is concentrated on each article, but that the Triple A project is going to be concentrated on the movie and we will place the related reviews about the movies below each video. Additionally, a second part of reward based on the unique views of each review is planned, which is needed to be developed separately.

4. Next Step

We are going to prepare more material and detailed information about the token economy, each Phase I and II, the estimated development time we see for Phase II, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to join our discord channel for JJM, were we have prepared a separate discussion channel for the AAA token presale.


Very interesting publication

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It seems like an interesting project. Is the phrase I site up running?
Looking forward the presale.

Hi, thanks for your interest~! The Phase I - Nitrous site not yet set and we are planning to be able to launch directly after the presale. Thanks!

Wow, this is a big news for all the JJM holders, kudos @virus707 & @jayplayco

Hi @jayplayco, this is a very interesting project and I am interested in it. The information states that presale of AAA states today, I want to buy 10jjm worth of AAA but I can't find how or where to do that on discord or here. Take this as an interest or order to buy 10jjm worth of AAA how do I pay?

Hi, thanks a lot for your interest.
JJM is a Steem-engine token and available here.

If you want to know more about JJM itself as project, you can find more information here.

If you have been able to obtain JJM, you can send the JJM to the account @virus707 with a memo. The distribution will follow after the presale.

Order completed @jayplayco, thanks.

You got a 16.00% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @jayplayco!

Interesting, we run a movie recommendation website for over a decade with a very active user base. We were thinking of releasing our own token in return for reviewing and ranking movies.

thanks for sharing this news! I'm a big fan of movies

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Things are getting rather interesting!

A good project indeed. Thank you for this valuable post

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Thank you for your continued support towards JJM. For each 1000 JJM you are holding, you can get an additional 1% of upvote. 10,000JJM would give you a 11% daily voting from the 600K SP virus707 account.

@jayplayco, This sounds awesome because we already saw effective Gaming Platforms on Steem but now Movie Review Platform sounds really exciting.

In my opinion without any doubt this Tokenised Project and Ecosystem will receive quick adoption because there is no one who don't watch movies and definitely in a way more engagement will be boosted for sure.

Keep up and good wishes from my side.

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Thanks you for sharing

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Yep my type of platform for movies and animes 👍👍