Introducing STEEMLEO an Investment Oriented Platform.

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Good Morning,Good Evening, Good Afternoon depending upon where are you in this world this is @ajks with today's blog.

Since the SCOT introduced we can see lots of projects are developing on Steem Blockchain. After the successful launch of SteemCoinPan, and others projects there is another project poping up on top of the steem Blockchain STEEMLEO


Steemleo is a community for investing content. If you are a Invester and wants to share your experience and knowledge about investing then this is the perfect platform for you. Here you can create your own brand or community,you can share your thoughts about investment.


If your are a invester and what to share news and blogs about your investment strategies and tactics then it is a great platform for you.

If you want to join SteemLeo platform then you have to do following simple steps:

Step -1

Go to

Step -2

Click on three three lines on top right corner and then you will see sign in button.


Step -3

After clicking on sign in button you will find a sign in window like below.


Now you can login using your Steemit username and private posting key (this feature makes it more attractive and secure)

Don't worry your account is safe as you are using your posting key.


After entering your login credentials click on the sign in button to explore STEEMLEO PLATFORM.

That's it you are all don you can start your journey on STEEMLEO.


Posting content on STEEMLEO is really very easy it is similar like you can use submit story button for sharing your content. Your post will be like a normal Steemit post, no change there. But if you go onto you will see the payout listed in LEO instead of Steem and SBD. You can use #steemleo tag on your investment related post so they can appear in STEEMLEO PLATFORM.

This is all about how you can get started with this amazing project. In my next blog will discuss about Leo miners and some other amazing things about STEEMLEO. Stay tuned for more updates.

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I really think that all those specialized platforms are an incredible advance they serve as specialized social media and allow you to invest in specific topic of interest while allowing greater presentation of specific content.

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Yup you are right you can build your own community as per your interest

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