BTC Go to the Moon

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Good news comes to all cryptocurrency lovers. Bitcoin, which is the number one digital currency in the world, has returned to high prices, after falling dramatically at the end of 2018. When bitcoin goes up in selling price, other tokens below automatically go up too, we can see it in several crypto markets. all tokens have a green candle, this is a sign that the token is up, the trading volume of digital tokens also rises when the moment of bitcoin rises.

When everyone is happy with this news. Of course some crypto lovers don't experience the same thing, why do I say that ...?

I do an analysis on the EOS market, when the price of Bitcoin is expensive, the selling price of Eos Automatos is expensive. but the price of tokens below eos in Newdex market has decreased dramatically, this is not good news for users of Dapp Eos or other Eos traders.

Many investors token under eos who held previous hold sell all of their tokens, when one does this makes other investors panic and join in selling their tokens, until the price drops to the lowest level. this has happened several times when bitcoin Up.


Hope all the crypto tokens lovers sell the price of bitcoin stable and not experience other tokens drop. all price tokens are dependent on bitcoin, except for tokens below eos at the Newdex market.

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