an insane and astonishing increase in crypto

in #sct-altcoin8 months ago

Today I am very lazy to do anything and I just want to lie down. If you take a look at my previous post on my “the diary game”, you will see how fake I am today. But I never forget to monitor the movements of my crypto investments.

Today I saw a very crazy movement of coins. YFI is now experiencing a very drastic improvement today. Two days, to be exact, on August 30 2020 at 9:00 p.m. I saw YFI already has a very fantastic price, namely IDR 434,989 950 if it was converted into USD 28,565. isn't that a fantastic price.

esterdayy, on August 31, 2020 at 14:15, there was also an increase to reach more than USD 2000. I never thought that bitcoin would be defeated and even YFI could beat bitcoin at twice the price. It's crazy and fantastic.

Not only that. When I saw it again there had been an increase again on September 1 at 19.00 to reach IDR 500,000,000 million or US $ 33984.24 or more. Is this a joke. What happened to YFI and what it did to reach such insane prices.

My friend once said that YFI will be crazy in the future and I was recommended to invest in YFI and I ignored it and considered his words like bluff. After I paid attention to it for now I feel sorry for not listening to my friend.

The reason I didn't listen to what he said was that YFI was still relatively new to the Indonesian market and it made me doubt its success. I don't want to take the risk of my current financial situation. For now I'm unlucky, hopefully this month luck will come to me for success and improving my family's economy.

Thanks to steemit friends and see you later. Bye bye