Best way to resize your MAC launchpad icons.

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Good day guys, How are you this weekend? This my first post beside the introduction post that I posted yesterday. As I have told you all in my introduction post, I would like to share some information or tips related to computer here in this blog. Mostly, I will share some of my experience doing programming, solving issues or some simple computer configuration.


Changing your Mac Launchpad size is actually can be done by typing the command in Terminal. However, for me personally, I found that it is quite time consuming. Moreover, I easily forget the commands and need to browse the internet everytime I want to resize the icons. Than I start thinking, why don't I create a simple script to do the job so whenever I want to resize the Launchpad icons, I just simply need to run the script.

So, if you have similar problem, check out the instruction below to create the same script yourself.

The script is very simple. I will try to explain the instruction as easy as possible so that even non-computer background user could follow


  • Open Script Editor application, you can search the apps from spotlight or found the app from your Launchpad.


  • Once the apps is open, type the following code. Here is the full code. To make it yours, just copy this code and paste in on your text editor, then save it with ".scpt" extension
display dialog "How many columns?" default answer ""
set columns_answer to text returned of result
display dialog "How many rows?" default answer ""
set rows_answer to text returned of result
do shell script "defaults write springboard-columns -int " & columns_answer
do shell script "defaults write springboard-rows -int " & rows_answer
do shell script "defaults write ResetLaunchPad -bool TRUE"
do shell script "killall Dock"

  • Test your script by running it. You can click "Run" button or simple press "Command + R" or Choose "Script" on the menu bar and click "Run".


  • Once the script is run, you will be prompted with dialog box where you can input how many rows and how many columns do you want in your Launchpad. When you finish the input and hit "OK" button, your screen will flash for a moment and your Launchpad size is now changed.


Details explanation of the code.

display dialog "How many columns?" default answer "" This line will display a dialog box where user input how many columns that they want and the user's input will be saved in a variable called "columns_answer". From the line code set columns_answer to text returned of result, here is the code to catch user input and save it to the variable. Next two line of code is similar. Display dialog box to asked for rows number and save it to "rows_answer" variable.

Next, after user input their desire rows and columns number, we need to take their input and apply it to the commands to resize the launchpad. There are 4 commands that we need to run. We can use do shell script to run a command from a script file. Those 4 commands are as shown in the following code lines.

do shell script "defaults write springboard-columns -int " & columns_answer is to change the columns size. Notice that & columns_answer at the end, it is the variable from before where user input their desire columns number. Next command is to change the rows size which is do shell script "defaults write springboard-rows -int " & rows_answer. Once the rows and columns has been set, next step is to allow the Launchpad to be reset with the following code do shell script "defaults write ResetLaunchPad -bool TRUE". Then, finally, we need to restart the Launchpad with this code line do shell script "killall Dock

That is all on how you can resize the icons size in your Mac Launchpad.
You can also download the code above from my Github

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