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in scribus-guild •  11 months ago

Hi. @authorisation is now resteeming quality content – the official feed of the scribus guild. Anything I come across which comes into the category of (at least) digestable will be resteemed. If you'd like to get quality content in your feed, I'd recommend following @authorisation (yes, I have the keys to the account and run it). 

There are criteria to being resteemed, and I won't resteem anything which doesn't meet these: 

  1. Spelling and Grammar. Look. I hate people who can't bother to adhere to the rules which makes language work so well as a universal method of communication. As you disregard grammar more and more, you get further and further away from being comprehendable. If you need help, then try a quick google search. 
  2. A plotline. Your posts should have plot, or at least follow (yes, I am aware that my posts are little more than streams of consciousness) logically. Try to signpost to your readers what content is where, and what you'll talk about. 
  3. Something new. Your posts should offer new perspectives, information or be better argued than everyone else's. I may resteem posts offering different posts as a "series" – which will allow readers to get balanced viewpoints about various ideas. 
  4. Sourced. Cite others work to back up your ideas. This means that it's easy to use others (proven) work as axioms, and means that the reader has to work less hard – as they know it's true as you're backing up your statements with believable facts. 

I'm looking to make this into a half-newsfeed and half-quality content guild. If you'd like to join as a writer, post a comment. 

Follow @authorisation to get real writing in your feed. 

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