Quote Challenge with @Steemitcentral Day 7/60 - Mind your utterance

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That your easy said words can be a dead end for ones existence, so let's mind our words and how we use them on people.


What makes a man is in a man and what kills a man is equally in him. That is to say that one should be conscious of his/her utterances because the way he/she use it may lead him to his paradise or his doom..

Many believe he has power over his mouth and that have greatly given him the power to say or act anyhow he/she wants it.

This takes me over to the words of a witted quoter, Kabelo Mabona. In his piece of statement he said,"life is built on our daily utterances. Never declare any wickedness of some sort upon your life, words create a reality" (Kabelo Mabona).

My words of advise to us all is that we should remember that a word might be more deadly than a gun, how? Because whatever kills a man soul have equally kill his personality. Let our utterances be a blessing unto others and not a killer unto the soul.


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work from your little man @lapb


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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

That your easy said words can be a dead end for ones existance, so let's mind our words and how we use them on people.
It should be existence instead of existance.


Thank you, i have corrected it

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This looks fun I will check it out good words.