Introducing Scot.Ninja! Steem-Engine and Steem.Ninja (from Oracle-D) team up to empower onboarding!

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Everybody wants onboarding to be easier. In fact one of the biggest problems on the entire chain to solve is effective onboarding. As we consider the content creators getting purged from youtube there is so much opportunity out there to grow a blockchain app for sharing, but figuring out how to onboard 10k or 10M people isn't at all obvious.

The most elegant way on the chain to create new accounts instantly is You can purchase an account directly through the site or purchase a code that can be used later. The voucher/code system is what can allow an app looking to onboard their community into Steem to function properly.

The challenge though is at the blockchain level. In HF20 Steem Witnesses implemented a system to allow accounts to claim free accounts called "Discount Account Creation Tokens" or "DACTs" but they aren't fungible. I can't trade them from one account to another. They have between 10-20k accounts claimed. After those are used then what? We need a system that works for the whole platform!

So, oracle-d made this great solution to account creation, but now others can't just sell them tokens to use their site.


So, the plan is expand the services of beyond just their own stored DACT so that everyone can participate. Steem-Engine is planning to make partnerships with the DACT holders, and for those that opt in we'll run a bot that issues Scot that represent account discount account creation tokens (free accounts). When a user creates an account the payment is sent to null. The DACT owner runs a script that picks up the transactions and creates the account on the users behalf. As they claim more we'll replenish.

Everybody wins

Steem-Engine and oracle-d sell a desparately needed service to the community.

The DACT owners are able to monetize the account creation services they have.

Apps looking to onboard lots of users have an easy way to buy accounts through purchasing custom SCOT in volume and then redeeming them through codes.

Lastly we're exploring how different Tribes could get revenue (or free accounts) from the DACT owners who are looking to sell more account services. The DACT owners could pay various Tribes to host the tool on their site. We'll see if this works out...

Should be fun!

Anyway, this is one big problem to solve, and we have two big players teaming up to figure it out. Should be good. Should be fun. Stay tuned. We hope to roll it out by early July.

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How is the account recovery account handled?

Yes and also, why can't we use by @pharesim which lets you create Invite Links which in a way are fungible, @fyrstikken generates them all the time from @booster and with 2 million SP he can create i think like 500 accounst every 5 days, can we please take advantage of all the free accounts generated thriough the "Blockchain subsidized account creation" you say only 209K accounts have been created like this but thats just because no one uses their free account creation aka @steem @steemit elephant in the room I mean @ned could use steem and steemit plus a few more steemit inc owned accounts that totals around 50 Million SP could create 5 MILLION accounts a year FREE instantly through blockchain subsidized account creation since HF20.....

Myself i havent been able to create very many new accounts liek I used to before HF20 because they took away my ability to buy accounts for 0.1 steem and 15 SP for a month delegated :D now i need like 5kSP and i can have 1 Free account every 5 days or something, BUT the WHALES WIUTHOUT steemit inc like JHUST @booster and @thejohalfiles together could generate a LOT of accounts, add aggroed and a lot of other whales, and we could get all the free instant accounts steem needs, Unless youre saying theres some sort of limit with DACTs? I mean, i honestly just think Ned hasnt even tried using steeminvite, honestly I think most whales havent even TRIED using steeminvite and seen the system where you can generate INVITE links for instant free accounts if you have the SP @fyrstikken is always showing off his free instant account links he can throw around or sell.... i really wish @ned would work with @pharesim to UNLOCK all of these free accounts made possible since HF20 that none of the whales are using, perhaps we would need a way to let teh whales SELL these accounst for them to even want to unlock them....

I have more than 600 DACTs already in waiting from my account. 😁

Well you had better with 145,413.233 STEEM !!! You know you can use them RIGHt now thanks to @pharesim using https;// which will let you claim free accounts and create invite links you can email out from teh service, or email to yourself to save and hold, and they can create instant free accounts of their own name, and set uip their own passwords, all legitimate new fresh accounts its amazing that no one uses steeminvite and that @ned hasnt absorbed it into an official referal system of Steem like Gmail with the Invites gmail used to have

곰돌이가 @jaydih님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.008을 보팅해서 $0.015을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 5224번 $58.401을 보팅해서 $66.434을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

Really love steem engine. You guys rule. This is yet another beneficial function from the team that is always grinding. It gives me faith in steem!

Hardest Working Guy on the Platform, GO ED @aggroed !!

Cant wait for it. Account creation has been one major set back on the platform. Hope things work out

Good luck!

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@aggroed, When Solution needed quickly then definitely Teaming up, Partnerships and Togetherness is vital to bring solution to the table.

And in my opinion this is the most important phase where we need effective Account Creation process more than ever because due to domination of Centralised platform many are looking for other opportunities and in my opinion Steem Blockchain is perfect place because here every voice is heard and every voice is unstoppable.

Keep up the great work team.

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Amazing, This will hopefully help with funding and simplifying the onboarding process that atm either is slow, or almost directly hostile towards new potential users!
Great seeing the additions made by and contributed because of Steem-engine! Can’t wait to see the next chapter unfold!

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GodSpeeeeeeed ! 💙

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But.... What about free accounts?
Just thinking out loud.. but is this system as designed, start at around $2.50-$3 per or whatever and gradually move towards a 0.001 price tag? That's my initial gut response.
Which is a good thing.. the price to get in the gate should be as focused on the individuals time as possible, standing in line is ok, but don't charge in addition to. That's my own feelings on an open internet. But definitely for another topic. LoL.
Glad to see speedy delivery on products that bring new purpose to the platform. Kick ass work guys.

You guys are nonstop ehehe 😉

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Great Scot! Lol ah feels so good to use that! Awesome guys, loving all your updates lately really is improving the chain and inspiring users! Will normal steemians be able to by the token and onboard users too?

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It sounds great. By my understanding, it means I can buy a Claimed account with any Steem-engine token. I hope @Oracle-d finds this worth collaborating as it will be a booster to account creations.

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This is awesome and also people can create free instant steem account on steemhunt.

I am claiming all the accounts I can get. So even as a small individual I would participate if possible.

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THIS is what is priority for STEEM. Easy account creation and affordable for everyone. I am piling up my claimed account and waiting to give to someone for free...
I hope that you will find the solution for this!

The whole SteemMonsters team rocks! Keep up the good work!

This is really amaaaaaaaaazing! :)

Make @aggroed the number 1 top witness, I already made him my proxy witness because he knows better

This is beyond wonderful! Onboarding is indeed a problem [ as is RC for new accounts, I wonder if you're working on something for that as well? ].

This actually is what me and a partner were thinking about recently in regards to your post yesterday talking about Tribes and Communities. We got quite excited with an idea we started work-shopping and would love to talk to you about it.

@aggroed, is there a preferred platform to speak to you regarding a potential business opportunity / project?

okay so you might have now won me with this one @aggroed, nice work. Not sure I understand how it works but considering the post I did during the week on how steemit inc is falling behind in account creations again, i was rather disappointed in the response and thought no one cared.

Let's build our blockchain together! :)

Love it keep it up!

Awesome! I will start claiming then.

Thanks a lot for your effort :)

Good luck @aggroed.

Damn, mate. You're building cool things faster than I can read about them.

I'm a bit confused, does this basically create an open market for claimed accounts?