VP saver will be introduced to scotauto on May 24 / scotauto 보팅파워낭비방지기능 추가

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From May 24 2020 UTC 10am, @scotauto is going to add the VP waste prevention feature.

If you're member of @scotauto (See https://economicstudio.github.io/scotauto/), and if your voting power reaches 99%, your account will vote a posting of @scotauto, @blockchainstudio, @steemfinex, @gomdory
This will both save your VP (i.e., increase your profits) and help services running.

You can sign-up or stop using services on (i.e., authorize/revoke scotauto on https://economicstudio.github.io/scotauto)

5월 24일 한국시간 7pm부터 @scotauto에 보팅파워낭비방지기능이 추가됩니다.
보팅파워가 99%이상이 되면 @scotauto, @blockchainstudio, @steemfinex, @gomdory 등의 계정의 글에 보팅을 해서 보팅파워 낭비도 방지하고(즉 수익증대) 서비스운영에도 도움을 주게 됩니다.

회원가입과 탈퇴는 기존대로 @scotauto 계정에 포스팅권한 위임/철회를 통해 이뤄지며 https://economicstudio.github.io/scotauto 등에서 쉽게 가능합니다.

@scotauto (or any person involved in the project) undertakes NO LIABILITY for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use of @scotauto in any circumstances.

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