[EN/KR] Scotauto automated sign-up and member status check will be introduced soon / scotauto 가입 및 회원유지 자동화를 곧 도입할 예정입니다.

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I've been running @scotauto for free for a month. While some users appreciate the service in some way (following or voting @blockchainstudio), not many do.

As you know, auto claiming isn't difficult at all. All of you can run it on your computer or server, but you want to save costs or minimize risks (I believe that for many users running the script on your own computer (not a server) may have more private key exposure risk).

I'm a person who like to donate and help. Even though I'm not a witness, I've contributed a lot to the Steem community. I was also nominated as an MVP community contributors by the Steemit official @steemitblog. I'm not using Steemit for money, but that doesn't mean that I want to provide everything for free, especially in the situation where PoB is almost completely dead. Thus, I hope that I can get at least server and steemsql costs from my Steemit activities.

Free isn't good at all eventually. Look at the Steemit. How many free services are still working?

I personally believe that even if I can, I should not provide some services for free for the following reasons.

  • It may discourage other users or team to provide a better service.
  • When such free services suddenly end, it may be difficult to find a decent alternative.
  • If some good service can't be appreciated to cover the minimal costs, no one eventually provides such services.

I'm very happy to stop @scotauto or any other things if I can find a better and stable alternative. Currently none even though it's very easy to add this feature in several pre-existing autovoting services. This already shows that they don't have incentives to do it for free. Maybe they will, but even if they do, if enough users remain in my service, I'm willing to provide this and other services on my own as a backup.

How to support?

While many people asked if I'm a witness, I'm not and I have no plan to do it for several reasons. You cannot support me by witness votings.

Fully automated sign-up and member status check process

I do not want to maintain separate database nor streaming the block to check posting right authorization, so I'll use the following method (probably from tomorrow or so).

  1. Authorize your posting right to @scotauto (e.g., https://economicstudio.github.io/scotauto)
  2. Follow @blockchainstudio and @gomdory
    • Following @scotauto doesn't count for the reason explained in the above until it reaches the threshold.
    • If you don't wanna follow none of the above (I understand that there are such cases). Then delegate 25 or more SP (subject to change) to @scotauto.

The automatic sign-up and member status check will be done at least once per day before posting a new report everyday.

It may take a few days that I implement this. Please be patient. Till then I'll also do semi-auto sign-up process as before.

Future Plan

I'll implement this when I have time in the future.

  • Claim frequency adjustment depending on user contribution
  • (Premium feature :) scot vote multiplier auto optimization

Claim report

From tomorrow (or so), @scotauto will make an automated post like this. I hope scotauto users to vote the post sometimes.

Tags of claim report

As you know most @scotauto users do not have decent SP, so I'll also include some scot tags.

  • Daily: some general-content scot tags (among claimed)
  • Weekly: (maybe) some non-general-content tag as well

Scotauto Claim Report 2019-08-12

SymbolPrice in SteemPriceNum of ClaimsClaims in TokenClaims in SteemClaims in USD


@scotauto (or any person involved in the project) undertakes NO LIABILITY for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use of @scotauto in any circumstances.

조만간 @blockchainstudio@gomdory 를 팔로우하거나 25 스파 이상을 @scotauto에 임대한 유저에 대해서 자동 사인업 및 자동클레임을 서비스할 예정입니다. 한국유저분들은 아마 이미 거의 충족이 되어계실 겁니다. 취지는 이전에도 설명드린 적이 있고 설명하지 않아도 이해하실 겁니다.

향후 기여도에 따라 클레임 주기를 달리한다던지 vote multiplier 자동 최적화 서비스 등도 시간나면 계획중입니다.

또한 위와 같이 @scotauto가 클레임한 내용을 @scotauto계정으로 매일 포스팅할 예정입니다. 어제의 경우 하루 100만원정도 클레임했네요. SCT, SPT가 순위가 높군요. 서비스가 고맙거나 지속되기를 바라시는 분은 가끔씩 보팅해 주세요. 한국 분들 중 원래도 저나 @gomdory 계정에 충분히 보팅해주시는 분들은 굳이 scotauto 계정에 보팅 안해주셔도 됩니다.

리포트 태그의 경우 상위권 자유주제 tag 은 매일 포함시킬 예정이며, 1주일마다 (해당 커뮤니티 규정에 위배되지 않는 경우) 비자유주제 태그 일부도 포함할 예정입니다.

자동화작업은 되도록 이번주내로 만들 예정인데 그 이전까지는 기존대로 서비스할 예정입니다.


Hi! I've subscribed four of my accounts with @scotauto. They are @saboin, @ticketyboo, @ticketywoof, and @actisam. I have also followed both @blockchainstudio and @gomdory, and I delegated to @scotauto from all of these accounts. I know the instructions say we only have to do one of the three options, but I like your service and find it useful, so I figured I'd contribute in more than one way. :-)

Follow @blockchainstudio and @gomdory

Done ;-)
Keep up the good work!

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What does this mean "Fully automated sign-up" ?

Why is ASS token not on the list? :D

hi that means that users do need to reply. but it may take some time, since i've been so busy for other things including @steemfinex

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