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Scorum - Introduce Yourself

Anybody on this Steem Blockchain platform Scorum? I added myself to this platform. The contest of a ticket for Steem Fest is what sparked my initial interest but now i realize since i bet on sports frequently it now gives me a presence to display my picks and see if I have what it takes to be a handicapper. If you are on this platform I urge you to give me a follow and if you're a sportsbook fan, check out my picks. My MLB are pretty hot and my college and NFL picks are ramping up.

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I joined Scorum recently and am writing a blog about my sports picks daily. I bet on sports specifically MLB, NCAA College Football and NFL. If you'd like to make some extra money, steem or Scorum for your accounts and need some


How to find me
Discord SugarSteem:
Discord: TheUXyeti or TheUXyeti#5698
Dlive Channel:
IG: thetravelyeti

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Good to see you promoting it man! Watching college football and posting about it. Feels good.

I am going to start hyping up the Steemfest ticket giveaway on behalf of the scorum community. I am also doing a podcast on there where we take feedback from the scorum community and I would LOVE to get some questions from you and others about it. I am an open book.