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I have been on steemit daily for over a year, but have never found a sports section quite as good as what Scorum is. For those who have yet to hear about it Scorum is a cryptocurrency blog site very similar to steemit except the site and blockchain is focused on sports. Yes! You read it right. One can play fantasy and post news and predictions on any sporting event. There is even betting system on games with the platform.

Scorum Coins

Or even see Scorum’s Steemit Account:

Straight out of Scorum’s White Paper “Scorum is a blockchain powered sports media that rewards its active users. Authors get rewarded for adding their publications, comments and photos while readers gain by casting their votes for quality content.” Scorum offers photo database, sports analytics, commission-free beeting exchange, and in house sports experts discussing sports.

Scorum’s Cryptocurrency System


There are three icons on the homepage users will need to be aware of when writing and curating on the blog. Scorum Coin (SCR) is the liquidity coin on Scorum. It was sold during token crowdsale that is now over. Each 1 SCR starting value is equal to $1 USD. SCR cannot be mined and a maximum of 20 million tokens to be created.

Scorum Power (SP) is an internal coin on Scorum that enables users to earn more through interactions on the platform. 1 SCR is equal to 1 SP. The more SP the more influence the user has on the platform, which includes higher up vote value. There are 10 million SP up for grabs in bounties, but since the bounties have been up for over a 6 months I am not sure if any are still available.

The third icon is voting power on Scorum. Each vote uses 5.00 voting power and it takes 24 hours to gain 20 voting power. Identical to Steemit except voing power uses 5 per vote instead of 2 on Steemit.

Scorum’s Reward Pool

For rewards very similar to Steemit 75% goes to the author and 25% goes to the curators after 30 minutes of post. For comments to posts, authors of comments get 75% of the rewards, 50% from 1st level response comments, and 25% from 2nd level response comments. I believe this is similar to Steemit where subsequent comments after the original comment with upvotes will earn the original commentator some reward. The rewards get paid out after the 7th day of post.

Something very different on Scorum than on Steemit is the photographer reward pool. Users who submit their own pictures to earn upvotes. The photographer reward pool is separate from the post reward pool so users can leverage their earning by posting on both pools to potentially receive more rewards.

Scorum is the Real Deal

The creators and developers are continuously updating the blog platform and making it easier for users to exchange for SCR and SP. So they are definitely an active platform. There is organic growth as more users enter the blog and bring in their own materials. The platform although focuses on sports it still allows users to post and blog about anything! Anything! I have seen posts about people’s vacation and cryptocurrency stories.

Here is something really good for readers who read this far. If you have not signed up to Scorum now is the time because the first 100k signups each get 5 SP to start! That is $5 free! Cannot beat that for less than 5 minutes to register and setup on Scorum. Technically has SCR at $0.32 USD and falling, but this is just the beginning of Scorum. Although SCR is ranked 359 in market cap. In all likelihood this maybe the start of something very similar to Steemit. Where when first introduce steem were going for cents on the dollar.

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Date of post: 8/29/2018

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