late to the party - i just joined SCORUM

in scorum •  2 months ago

Scorum is another social media site that pays for content and this is a sports focused site that seems very similar to Steemit and maybe is even run off the same blockchain technology. I wrote a post a couple of days ago and have earn't nearly $3 which is 4 times as much as I can hope to earn on any post I do here on Steemit. I reckon once I have a lot of followers and get into writing regular content I will earn heaps on Scorum, it reminds me of the hopes I had when I joined Steemit.

If you want to join please make sure you follow me and I will definitely follow you too . Here is my link.

I hope @teamaustralia start up on Scorum too.


please follow - comment and upvote .. love you all

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