The Biggest Contest In Scorum Provided By @ScorumBD

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Today i am going to share a very exciting news for all. SCORUM promotion contest 2018 is ongoing now. you can participate this contest and earn a big reward that provided by @ScorumBD. This Contest Is Sponsored By @alextazy (Chief Sports Analyst and co-founder at Scorum. So big thanks goes to @ScorumBD And @alextazy

First i want let you know what is scorum? Basically scorum is a sports based amazing platform where you can write article which sports you like most. You can also highlights your local club or local player through this platform. ScorumBD
is to support minnows. Submit your best posts in Here:and get huge support from @scorumbd.

Hope you all will help to fill out our mission by joining this SCORUM Promotion Contest 2018. You have to follow some rules and requirements for eligible this contest .

Contests :

1.Promote SCORUM On Facebook

2.Promote SCORUM On Twitter

3.Promote SCORUM On Linkedin

4.Promote SCORUM On Steemit

5.Promote SCORUM On Youtube

Guidlines To Follow :

1.Make a detailed post about SCORUM

2.Post must have this contest link

Rules To Follow :

1.One entry per user

2.Do not abuse

3.You have to done your Tasks within 5 days

4.You can make your post with your own languages

5.Give your promoted post links via comment

Like As :

My promoted links-

Facebook post link

Twitter post link

Linkedin post link

Steemit post link

Youtube video link

Requirements :

1.Facebook - Minimum 100 friends on your account

2.Twitter - Minimum 50 followers on your account

3.Linkedin - Minimum 50 connections on your account

4.Steemit - Minimum 100 follower on your account

5.Youtube - Minimum 1000 subscribers on your account

Prize Distribution :

1.Facebook - 1 SCR

2.Twitter - 1 SCR

3.Linkedin - 1 SCR

4.Steemit - 5 SCR

5.Youtube - 20 SCR

6.If you done all of this task you will get extra 22 SCR Bumper Prize

7.Prize will distribute after 3 days

[Note : If you done at least one task you will be rewarded]

Click The Original contest link in Bellow To Know More About This Contest

Watch This Video About Contest:

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