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Before choosing a scooter, be sure that a scooter will be more suitable than a motorcycle for the use you want to make. The purchase of a two-wheeler depends on the needs of the driver, and a scooter will be a wise choice if you intend to use it in the city only.

Indeed, the scooter allows to sit more comfortably, to respect the speed limits (since it does not have a gearbox), and to store business under the seat. The scooter is therefore advantageous for anyone who uses it in the city, to work or in class for example.


On the other hand, outside the city, the scooter is not practical or dangerous: a scooter of 50 cm3 will for example be much too slow to be able to take the highway.

What type of scooter to choose?

Today there are four major categories of scooters namely urban scooters, GT scooters, sport scooters and three-wheel scooters.

  • The urban scooters are the most common, they are for everyone, even the youngest, with their relatively compact size. As their name suggests, they are designed for small urban journeys since they sneak easily and find their place on a parking lot.
  • The GT scooter (for grand touring) which will be favored for the biggest journeys. This scooter a little more upscale offers the necessary comfort but also the power to travel long distances, alone or even two. In addition, they are safer because they are often equipped with ABS and more advanced braking systems.
  • The sport scooter , appreciated by design enthusiasts. It is a more aggressive model, both in terms of its lines and its vivacity. This scooter makes it possible both to travel in town and to travel longer journeys.
  • The three-wheeled scooter offers greater stability and adapts to all journeys. Very comfortable, it meets all expectations.

Scooter: with each engine its license

When choosing your scooter , take the time to compare the offers. Starting with you ask the question of the motorization. From 50cc to more than 125cc: which scooter can you drive?


For 50cc scooters, the Road Safety Certificate (BSR) and the Road Safety School Certificate (ASSR) suffice.

If you hold a B license (car license) of more than 2 years, you can drive:

  • A scooter with a cylinder capacity of 125 cm3 or less;
  • A three-wheeled scooter with a cubic capacity exceeding 50 cc, the maximum speed of which exceeds 45 km/h and whose empty weight does not exceed 1,000 kg.

If you obtained your B license after March 1, 1980, you will also have to complete a compulsory three-hour practical training to be able to drive a 125cc scooter unless you have been insured for a two-wheeler between 50 and 125cc during last 5 years prior to January 1, 2011.

If you hold the license A (motorcycle license), you can opt for a maxi scooter (engine capacity greater than 125 cm3).

To determine the type of engine that best suits you, ask about your needs. For small urban journeys, 50 cm3 should suffice. On the other hand, to carry a passenger or to make long journeys, you will appreciate the comfort of a more powerful cubic capacity.

The electric scooter , with a range of about 100 km, is an ecological alternative perfectly suited to driving in the city.


Equipment and accessories also count

To personalize your scooter every detail counts. Beyond the storage under the seat, you can opt for:

  • A top box to protect your belongings;
  • A windshield or a bubble to brave the bad weather;
  • An apron to guard you from the rain;
  • Heated grips ideal for cool mornings;
  • A telephone socket to be reachable at any time.
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How to choose your scooter according to your tastes, your needs and your budget and make the right purchase decision. You can visit our website for more details.