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The path ahead

So I'm keen to get started with my Scoopstake app UI. It's going to take a lot of planning as well as coding and picking things up on the fly to get this off the ground.

My approach is to plan as I go. I have a clear idea in my head where I want to go with the project however it is always good practice to plan and track progress in order to hold myself accountable to myself if nothing else.

I don't want to get bogged down with over-planning (as things can and I expect will change). However, equally, I don't want to throw myself into coding and not be able to see the wood from the trees (as is all too easy to do when your working solo.

One part of the app I can knock off quite quickly is the page header. I have a clear idea of how I want the header to be (on desktop at least). So I'll get straight to it.

To find out more about my React learning, including the main resource I'm using, [sign up to my Patreon]( and read the [extended version of this article](

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Hi @nanzo-scoop
I congratulate you and tip my hat in respect, it’s impressive that with all the busy things in your life as a husband, father and businessman, that you have found the time to learn to code in not just one, but multiple languages. I must confess to starting JavaScript and then surrendering to the overwhelming feeling, that I would never get it. I am impressed that you pushed past that to arrive where you are now. I think the sky’s the limit for you, so go for it..
You are an inspiration.
@shortsegments 🙏

Great can't wait to see the finished product I know it's a long way away but good things take time thanks for posting 👍🏾

I look forward to seeing how you progress hit me up if you need an Android version of the app.

One step at a time, you certainly will have a perfect road ahead that awaits the success. A collaborative work with like minded people will really do more good. Thanks for this today sir.

Looking forward to see this Scoopstake app UI.

Good luck and keep us posted.

@tipu curate

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