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So I’ve decided to take the plunge into Blockchain development. It’s an ‘itch’ I’ve been wanting to scratch for a while and now seems the perfect moment.

I’ve been running a sports prediction game on Steem for a while called Scoopstakes. The game is quite simple. Users enter the score predictions for football matches and the entrants with the most correct guesses win.

Sky runs a similar thing with their Super6 game. The BBC do Lawro’s predictions. For Scoopstakes, I wanted a game that was global and rewarded entrants with automated prizes. Big prizes for those at the top of the leaderboard, down to micro-payments for those in lower positions.

I ran a ‘quick-and-dirty’ alpha of Scoopstakes on Steem. Allowing users to enter via comments on blog posts. Overall I took a lot of learning out of the experiment. Particular around the data-flow on the backend. Now I’m ready to take Scoopstakes to the next level, so other the next few months that will be my pet project.

To find out more of my thoughts, in particular, what my main challenge with the alpha version of Scoopstakes was, sign up to my Patreon and read the extended version of this article.

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Hi @nanzo-scoop
I think this is a great idea. Right now games are the most popular use cases for the Steem blockchain. Steemmonsters and Splinterlands are very popular but soccer is the most popular game world-wide and betting on games for prizes is also popular worldwide so I think the one two punch of this idea is amazing and I think it will be successful.
Good luck

Interestingly this is something I have also wanted to do as I learn how to work with the steem api. I do not have a lot of resources or background in python so I am starting from scratch.

Currently doing a predict 2 win project where you only have two outcomes, then the winners share the pot. Those are my training wheels.

Hoping to see what you come up with.

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Yeah I think I saw you ran the prediction awhile back, where people comment and guess the result nof games, there were mostly English league games hahaha truth was I never got to win. However now that you're bringing the Scoopstakes back, I can't wait to see the whole new changes to it.

I am curious which Blockchain is most suited to this development and is the social aspect one of the crucial factors for the game.