LexApostolica, The Quandary (Level of the First)

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Stoically I stared at the wall that Jenney was seated at and wondered with amazement, it was just 3 evenings or so ago on which I had the honor of meeting Jenney.

I wanted to know how she had gotten there. Was it some divine intervention or atheistic chance. Had her appearance been planned by her or did someone lead her there. Was her appearance made possible or even required by some unknown person or group. My mind always seemed to tend towards disillusioned explanations.

Suddenly a knock came at the door to my resting quarters and I began towards the door. It was a moment before I broke from my mind wandering and refocused my mind on the knock. I thought-opened the door from where I stood around the corner and down the hallway about 15 feet.

“Mr. McCormick?” a soft voice queried softly, “are you present in the quarters?”

“With an absolute definitiveness, I am present” I answered dryly as I began to round the corner towards the door and collided with the messenger girl. I regained my composure and apologized quickly to her. Physical contact with others was not really something that was socially acceptable outside of committed relationships or in strict business situations that required this of another person. This situation was not one of those; seeing as though the messenger girl was one that I was not familiar with and she was not performing any type of service to me that might require physical contact. These parameters however not being met did not dissuade a small part of me to feel some comfort from it. It was not a thought based process to be sure, for in my mind there was no longing or even desire to repeat the contact. However in my parasympathetic nervous system there was a response that although I could not identify exactly how and to what extent it was happening it was nevertheless occurring.

“Your presentation is due in 34 minues.” She spoke in a bit of a monotonous tone that seemed to redirect my attention and to quell the internal reaction to our brief contact.

I was presenting on the topic of Cybernautics, the design, traversal, and exploration of our advanced information systems, including the main one, “Talentis”

I answered quickly and to the point for any other extra discussion was not appropriate due to the LexApolostolica code that guided all of our lives.

The LexApostolica code was ingrained into each of our minds. There were different levels but part of the design of the code was that the amount of levels was not know. It was at different levels that people began to understand different parts of the code. Each level was different in it's knowledge and responsibilities. The only time you knew there was a higher level is when you obtained that level. There wasn't even a full understanding of how many levels their were. The closest understanding people had was when they would read books that were from 50 or 100 years previous that sometimes discussed the existence of things that were “classified,” but even then people had a knowledge of their being a top level, unlike with the LexApostolica.

The LexApostolica was not discussed verbally, the information was transmitted from Talentis directly to optic and auditory sensors. However interactions with Talentis were subject to what was referred to as sensor leak. It was in the moment right before a signal was transmitted into the optic and auditry sensor, when the link was open that if the mind wasn't clear that the persons cognitive processes could be absorbed into the system, it happened enough that people referred to it as a neuroprint. This was how Jenney was identified to the internal working group that I was a part of. She had leaked a vision of the Lex Apostolica that was never revealed to her. This was almost as high of a red flag that could be imagined.

As revealed previously to you, one very interesting thing about the Lex Apostolica is that it wasn't actually written, it existed in no tangible reference. People acted according to it yet it wasn't taught, it wasn't spoken of, it was just kinda... known. Here I present to you where we all start, level wise:

Lex Apostolica. The Quandary Effect (Level of First)

It was this that was the first level tenant. The Quandary. People didn't know that this was the first level until they reached the second level, because as mentioned there was no knowledge of the second level until it was acquired in a neuroflash. The Quandry was this: It shall be that in a difficult situation no action should be taken, when the path is not clear it shall not be embarked upon, when uncertain about what to do, do nothing.

Of course this encouraged people to be docile, adherent, single minded, unwilling to think in new ways. This was exactly what the Apostolic Architects wanted. However the knowledge that there was actually a group behind the LexApostolica was 7th level knowledge, which I had only acquired a few years ago prior to my new position as a Cybernaut.

Want to know more, leave some votes and comments for me for encouragement. I have a whole series planned if I can afford the time. Excited to hear all your thoughts!

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