Scifi: short story beginning "Augmented Intelligence 2081"

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"Augmented Intelligence 2081"

There had been repeated instances of individuals with augmented intelligence disrupting society in overwhelmingly negative ways. The neural technology had not yet advanced enough to allow Augs to become an existential threat, but the implications were enough to spread panic and fear. Thus in 2080 neural augmentation was officially outlawed world-wide in order to maintain a semblance of social order.

"So what if we're living in a post scarcity economic environment" A1 continues to lecture, "No one can deny me my right to augment in any way I see fit"
B2 has not the patience nor time, quickly interjects "I'm cycling on. Don't forget to bring it."
"Yeah" A1 abruptly remembers, " and the neuro-kit with meds?"
"I know. Out" B2 signs off.

"Would you like to know more?" super short beginning, but anyone want me to write more? Help guide the world I will create in this story?! Best comments will get consideration!


Also, help name characters A1 and B2.

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