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Theoretical physicists have come up with a date at the end of the universe in a new research study - this is still a way.

While this assessment is unlikely, scientists from Harvard University researchers decided that the end of the universe would be in the 10 ^ 139 years. At this time, the physical formulas may become worse, with which the universe can be taken.

The laws of the universe begin to disintegrate, but scientists behind the study believe that the original end of the universe is actually anticipated - now from 10 to 58 years. That date is still a way when you consider the age of the Earth and the age of the universe. We are at that moment, we have not lost much hope for the future of mankind - our race is around that time and another war that does not succumb to the sort of tragedy like global warming or perhaps that.

Scientists behind the study have estimated that they are 95% accurate, so it is possible to be estimated, but considering the great minds behind the study, the universe is at least 10 ^ 58 years old to say at least degree.

Harvard University's Anders Andresen appeared to be unrecognized by the inventors, explaining their research in a subject-real-realistic way that the universe is unable to express any concern about the end of the universe - perhaps now we have the longest accuracy of the universe with the highest accuracy we will have.

"We wanted to fix all previous predictions and get the exact date down pin as we could," Andreassen said.

Everyone imagines that the end of the universe will be a big event, but when we begin to loosen the laws of physics, it is impossible to predict what will happen when it reaches that point. Our perception about the world and the universe around us is based on physics and other laws of nature, and whose assessment is what happens when we reach that point when it is not right.

Scientists also claim that the end of the universe may actually be due to the Higgs-Boson cells. The fate of the universe does not depend on the decrease in the particle mass, and if it continues to be easy to collapse, it produces a huge force that swallows all the materials and eventually leads to it. Universe.

It is important to emphasize that we do not know about the behavior of Higgs-Bollon and that it really favors the scientists making these estimates. Since it is uncharted territory, Harvard scientists are difficult to predict whether it actually happened. The fate of the universe is very close to the mass of Higgs-Boson, however, the continuous reduction in mass leads to some serious problems - at least in our current understanding.

At the end of the day, the end of the universe is a long time away, not too much to get to work - assuming that even if we imagined it would happen. It's interesting to have a date in mind, but it really makes some comfort.

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