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Hey guys,

today, I want to show you some crystals for the #sciencepic initiative.
The first ones are crystals of table salt (sodium chloride NaCl) which grew in a colleague's washing solution.
Perhaps you know, that table salt tends to crystallize in the shape of little cubes. Normally, you can see them with a microscope, but if you let them grow, they can be easily seen with the naked eye.


The second crystals are of bromo pyrene (C16H9Br), which was sythesized by another colleague. They look like a mixture of little needles and lamina. Sadly, the color is not that nice, I think.


When I saw these nice results, I felt like I should do crystal growth again. I will show you some pictures of the results soon.

Edit: In case, you don't know how bromo pyrene looks like, I add you the structure here:


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When I saw these nice results, I felt like I should do crystal growth again.

Sounds great! I'm really interested in the process of growing crystals, can you make a step-by-step guide for one of your next posts?
As always, great #sciencepic(s)!


Well, this should be possible. I just have to take more pictures ;-)


That would be amazing! Hope you'll find the time :-)

Pryene..... nasty stuff 😂😂
What solvent can be used for recrystalization? 😂


As far as I know, it was recrystalized from hexane in this case.

Das ist ja mal interessant. Wie lange dauert es, bis so ein Kristall gewachsen ist, eher Minuten, Stunden oder Tage?


Das kann man so pauschal nicht sagen.
Ich schreibe vermutlich bald einen Artikel, wie man Kristalle züchtet, da gibt es dann mehr Details. Vielleicht komme ich sogar heute noch dazu.

Aber soviel sei gesagt: es kann in Sekunden gehen (vielleicht kennst du diese Taschenwärmer, wo du ein Metallstück knickst und es dann sofort fest wird - allerdings kommt dort keine schöne Form raus). Bei den hier gezeigten dauert es eher Stunden. Über Nacht oder über das Wochenende. Wenn es langsamer geht, hat man oft bessere Chancen, schöne regelmäßige Kristalle zu bekommen :-)


AH cool, da freu ich mich drauf.

Die Taschenwärmer sehn ja auch von aussen süss aus, drinne is ja wurscht :D

Beautiful, the second are even better and the color is great.
followed for some more.


Thank you! Please feel free to upvote the post, if you like it.