[SBD + Steem power Awards] First Science-Fair on Steemit by SteemSTEM (Open Call for Participants)

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Hello Steemians!

With this post, we ( @steemSTEM ) are initiating the first #sciencefair on Steemit!! We welcome all Steemians and those who enjoy science as much as we do to participate. A new tag #sciencefair will be dedicated for use of this project.

The @steemSTEM #sciencefair will proceed according to the following schedule:
Please read carefully

There will be 3 posts related to the @steemSTEM science fair.

This post will be our 1st post, which is an open call post for participants, and allow all participants to have 2 weeks time to prepare for their science fair submission. Do not submit your project to this post!! or before the posting of 2nd post (28-Aug-2017 UTC 12:00am) from us!!

The 2nd post (post on 28-Aug-2017 UTC 12:00am) is the "Entry Post" where each participant can post their project and submit his or her @steemSTEM #sciencefair projects to us via that post. All participants can submit within the 2 weeks time after the 2nd post is released.

The 3rd post will be the announcement post for all the participants and winners


All SBD payout from this post and the 2nd post will goes to Rewards of the Science Fair winners
1st Place: 30% SBD Payout from the 1st and 2nd post + 100 SP (from @steemstem)
2nd Place: 20% SBD Payout from the 1st and 2nd post + 50 SP (from @steemstem)
3rd Place: 10% SBD Payout from the 1st and 2nd post + 25 SP (from @steemstem)
People's favorite project: 10% SBD Payout from the 1st and 2nd post
Remaining 30% SBD goes to (Bilingual rewards)

How to Enter the Competition:

  • Each account (Participant) can first sign up by leaving comments on the 1st Post (This post) below, for open call post of @steemSTEM Science fair, they should upvote and resteem this post to help increase the publicity.

  • Participants then have a maximum of 4 weeks to prepare for their projects, but do not post their project until our 2nd official entry post are made (post on 28-Aug-2017 UTC 12:00am).

  • Photo or video documentations of the projects are required as there are no physical locations where the science fair is happening. One photo or video must showing the finalized submission project along with a hand written/sign showing "1st steemSTEM Science Fair" and their corresponding entry account name, as a proof of authenticity. Failure of providing such proof will be disqualified.

Submission of #sciencefair projects post

  • All submissions are to be submitted only after the 2nd @steemSTEM sciencefair post is being posted on 28-Aug-2017 UTC 12:00am. So do not post anything before the 2nd post comes out.
  • The title of your project post must contain "SteemSTEM Science fair Entry:"
  • The tag for your post must contain #sciencefair to facilitate judges access
  • All participants must leave comments of their post links in the designated comment area.
    (Any non-submission comments will be considered spam, and maybe flagged)
  • All participants should also upvote and resteem the 2nd post.
  • Submissions period ends upon 14th days after posting, when SBD payouts are finalized, (Ends 11-Sept-2017 UTC 12:00am).

Requirements of the Projects

All projects should be science related:

  • If you are demonstrating an effect, you must state the principles behind, with explanations why and how this works in layman understandable terms. (as they will be our general audience).

  • If you are experimenting with new ideas, you must state give a brief introduction about what lead you think this might be a good idea, provide a scientifically sounded hypothesis, detailing the procedures and conditions of your experiment, and results. Explanations for each step would be helpful for audience.

  • All participants must be able to provide detail procedures upon request, so others who are interested in performing the experiments by themselves could try for themselves. All experiments should be repeatable under similar conditions.

  • All terms must be scientifically correct and flow of the presentation should be logical.

  • The primary language for the Science fair will be in English, bilingual translation for other native speaking language may receive extra SBD rewards.


  • All project participants should place safety as their first priority, any experiments that risk harming the participants and other personal or animals/ environment are strictly prohibited.

  • No harm should be done to any animals for the experiments.

  • Hazardous and other dangerous chemicals must be handled under proper safety conditions or under guidance of people with qualified training to handle such chemicals.


SteemSTEM and any committee members of the steemSTEM Science fair will not hold responsibility for any consequence arise from participant projects, each participants will bare they own responsibility for their actions in taking part in their projects.

General guidance of the submitted post: (not mandatory style)

  1. Summary of your post
    Brief overview of your hypothesis, problems, methods, results and conclusions.

  2. Introduction
    Brief introduction of participants, background of the Science fair project, what concepts are you trying to bring forward

  3. Question and Proposal
    Asking the right question is the beginning of all science, how to plan for answering that question is the following steps towards science.

  4. Research and testing
    Researching the background and setting up appropriate tests with different experimental techniques to answer your question is the way of scientific discovery. All methods done should be clearly described and upon request must be able to provide the materials and methods in detail.

  5. Results and Conclusions
    Accurate and consistent recording of data, results, and observations are the key for good science, clear presentation of the results, will help make solid descriptive conclusions. Negative data doesn't mean they are bad, as long as having proper controls and methods; this could lead to rejections of hypothesis, which is still a major step in science!!

  6. References and Acknowledgements
    Referencing others' knowledge source and thanking other people for any assistance is a proper etiquette in science.

Criteria and maximum score for each related area:

  1. Introduction, Question and Proposal (Max: 20)
  2. Research and Testing (Max 40)
  3. Results (Max 20)
  4. Conclusions (Max 20)
    Perfect score is 100.

People's favorite project awards will be given base on the number of upvotes for that post in the comment area in the 2nd Entry post (post on 28-Aug-2017 UTC 12:00am).

Judge panels

-Members of the SteemSTEM management team and other invited guests will be the judges for steemSTEM Science fair events.
-Our judge panels might ask questions in your post, so be sure to reply to the comments, follow up questions might also be asked.
-Our judge panels reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of rules and award winners.

Extra rewards (if applicable)

-Bilingual post can share extra SBD rewards.

All contents should be original and plagiarism of any kind will result in disqualification of the participant.

Please leave your comments in the designated area to sign up for the 1st Science Fair on Steemit, organised by SteemSTEM

If you need any suggestions or have any questions with your science project feel free to drop by at our channel on steemit.chat (https://steemit.chat/channel/steemSTEM), we would love to help you out!

We welcome anyone to help us translate this post into other language, they will be posted below:
Big thank you for the help
Chinese translation from @mcw

Secondly, please consider supporting the @steemstem project. SteemSTEM is a community driven project which seeks to promote well written/informative Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics postings on Steemit. The project not only curates STEM posts on the platform through both voting and resteeming, but also re-distributes curation rewards as STEEM Power, to members of Steemit's growing scientific/tech community.

To learn more about the project please join us on steemit.chat (https://steemit.chat/channel/steemSTEM), we are always looking for people who want to help in our quest to increase the quality of STEM (and health) posts on our growing platform, and would love to hear from you!

Finally, consider joining the @steemstem voting trail, the project account only votes on STEM related posts, so being a part of the trail will allow you to selectively benefit our growing science and tech community on the platform. We thank you for your generous support.


I'm in definitely!

Thank you @rtdcs, can you reply to my comment above?? Thank you~

Spesiality post and interest. That's a good idea.
Your so great. I like your post @biuiam.
Thanks for sharing information.

Thank you~ there will be another Entry post coming, where people submit their projects~
This is not just my work, but also that of the whole @steemSTEM community~ Join us if you are interested in science~

Registration for the 1st Science fair on Steemit organized by @steemSTEM:
(reply to this comments)

I gonna join ~

Thank you for joining @jeffreytong, looking forward to your project~

I'm definitely getting in on this!

Thank you for joining @thatsweeneyguy, looking forward to your project~

I would be glad to join it! ;)

Thank you for joining @lamouthe, looking forward to your project~

I'm in.

Thank you for joining @valued-customer, looking forward to your project~

Count me in!

Thank you for joining @initforthemoney, looking forward to your project~

Support!!! Join!!!

Thank you for joining @mcw, looking forward to your project~

Tentatively joining, if i can make my idea work (quite unsure)

You can do it @mobbs! I believe in you.

Thank you for joining @mobbs, looking forward to your project~

yeah! i will do it, i guess

Thank you for joining @liuke96player, looking forward to your project~

would love to join....

Thank you for joining @himal, looking forward to your project~

Im looking forward to it...

Thank you for joining @carinewhy, looking forward to your project~

This sounds like fun. Im in...

Awesome, we look forward to your submission.

Thank you @drdave, can you reply to my comment above?? Thank you~

that's a beautiful idea. :D

*starts brainstorming

when the storm is over, the sunshine will come~

that's a good one :)

haha, thanks~

Looking forward to your submission man.

I may do this too, if I can think I can work how to demonstrate what I would like to demonstrate

I will be thinking it over.

thanks for the initiative

Looking forward to see you joining the sciencefair, hope things work out for you~

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki page about SteemSTEM. Thanks and good luck again!

The wikipage has just been updated :) Thanks for the reminder!

Thank you! We plan to post about the updated page soon. Thanks and good luck again!

Thanks! I should update this page at some point ;)

well sharing, hopefully joining.

Looking forward to see you joining the sciencefair~

We need testubes and beakers.

There are so much more experiments that doesn't require them haha, feel free to join!!

It's all good knowing and also having the opportunity to engage in such a mind tasking challenge. Thanks to @steemstem, please up the good work and make us proud here in steemit.

Yes, we work hard to promote science~

After reading all what @biuiam write. I understand what i have to do! So all we have to have explanation. What is SBD. And what is the use of SP.steem power. With it we can increase rapidly. Thank you @biuiam community!

Very great idea to improve science, i wanna join this project @biuiam

Thank you, we have plan this event for a while, join the science fair?? (can sign up above~)


謝謝你的支持 @justyy~

Hmmm, maybe I'll come up with something clever for this!

Haha, sure~ Thank you for supporting too~

Upvoted and RESTEEMED :)

Thank you for your support~

I want to join soon

You must comment to the top comment by @biuiam to register.

Please feel free to join, science fair is for everyone~

Thank you so much for resteeming
謝謝大大幫忙, 所有SBD payout 是全數拿出來的,希望cn區有人參加一下~

Good luck to all participants!

Yes, definitely!!

What an inspirational and ambitious project! I am guessing we are all going to read a lot of high quality articles due to this competition.

That is our hope :)

That's what we are hoping to do, at least engage people to look at science~

This is a great initiative. Thank you.

Thank you~

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I haven't got a project but this sounds fascinating. Follow @steemstem

nice post
upvoted and followed

Thank you~

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Nice sharing. Thanks.
please vote n comment @hadimemories too. Thanks

waited long for such a wonderful oppurtunity...always there for science....will be joining it for sure... :)

Thank you for your interest, please sigh up at the upper comment (reply to the designated comment)
Also can consider to join us in the steemSTEM Channel in steemchat

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i upvoted your post plz upvote me back !!

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