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By 2029 machines will succeed in acquiring a human level like artificial intelligence.

Humanity has reached the age of development, it will be possible to make small robots in their minds to improve the intelligence of people.

By 2029 the machines will succeed in achieving human level like artificial intelligence. The American inventor Ray Cruise says that humanity has reached a brilliance of growth where people in their minds are more likely to improve their intelligence. Robots will be possible.

The American engineer says that human body will be used to improve intelligence and health, which will improve machines and human graduation. He said that this is indeed a part of our civilization, but it is not a part of any effort to replace these cheek machines. He said that machines are already performing hundreds of jobs in different places like humans.

He said that my research work is based on the fact that we will succeed in achieving human level like human level, with the help of both hardware and software, including by 2029 including human emotions-based intelligence. He said that we have already formulated a mechanical civilization. We use technology to expand our physical and mental boundaries, and it will increase in a way more. '

American inventor Ray Cruzz predicted that humans and machines will gradually be integrated with the help of instruments, which will be used in human bodies to improve health and mental health.

He told BBC News that 'Intelligent Ninobytes will enter into the brain with the help of brain cells of the brain and work together with the natural neurons of the brain.' Ninubotts will help in keeping things different by making human body more fun. ' American inventor Ray Cruise is one of the eighteen influential thinkers who has been named by the National National Academy of Engineering to identify the great technological challenge of humanity. During the Annual Meeting in the Boston of the American Society for the Advocate of Science, four Challenges Announced Experts participating in the session included Google Craig Larry Patch and Genie's Dr Craig Ventor.

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