Can You Survive in Space Without a Spacesuit ?

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Science fiction movies and space adventures are among the most important sources to help you create a picture of the universe and relate it to science, sometimes events may be based on scientific facts, but they may be based on the imagination of the writer at other times. The most important of these events is the departure of astronauts without their allowances and exposure to low pressure in outer space, what can happen to them?

Some believe they will explode because of the internal pressure of the body from external pressure or they will freeze immediately or even die of high body temperature. Come and see what really happens to our bodies in space without a suit!

  • Is it possible to freeze in space?

Modern Hollywood movies show astronauts freeze instantaneously if they go into space without their paraphernalia or if there is a slit in the vehicle, one character in a film explained that the reason for this is the low temperature in space, which is -273 the "absolute zero" that all particles are motionless.
You can not measure the temperature of space, space is a vacuum, and you will not be able to measure the temperature of the vacuum. The particles in space are relatively few to have an effect on heat transfer that requires two objects to move. Space is also a good barrier, since vacuum is the secret behind the work of heat-insulated vessels, so it makes sense to keep the temperature as it is or to increase.

  • Will the blood boil?

When the pressure drops, the boiling point decreases. For example, the boiling point of water drops from 100 degrees Celsius to 46 degrees Celsius when external pressure drops to zero and blood pressure is 75 millimeters of mercury (normal blood pressure). However, this condition does not apply to blood for a simple reason, which is that the blood is in the human body in a closed circle in the blood vessels of the circulatory system, leaving blood under relatively high pressure. If the pressure drops and the temperature of the body (37 C), the blood will not boil unless the body temperature exceeds 40, and if this happens do not worry because the death had occurred before boiling!

  • Do objects explode in space?

Many believe that the bodies of astronauts explode if they go into space without their suits or if there is a problem with the suit itself, they explain that the pressure in the human body is higher than in space, causing their bodies to bulge and burst like balloons in the upper atmosphere. This does not happen, of course, because the tissues of the human body are solid so that they do not rupture easily so the body does not explode if the internal pressure rises from the outside.

  • So what happens?

In 1950s and 1960s, NASA and the US Air Force carried out research on survival under low pressure, the result was that humans would remain conscious for 10 to 15 seconds and could survive for 90 seconds with minor damage and effects. Is the result.
A person loses consciousness 15 seconds after leaving the space without adequate protection due to Hypoxia, holding air in the lungs will not be a solution in space because the air will expand and rupture the lungs, a person won't survive two minutes later because death will be the result of suffocation or low pressure effects. Gaseous bubbles will form in the eyes, mouth and skin tissues. When someone escaped low pressure because of a break in his 1965 suit, the last thing he remembered before he was unconscious after 14 seconds was boiling the saliva on his tongue before losing consciousness.

  • Watch this video about the position from Sci show:

Now do you think that going up to space deserves this risk? Do you ever wish to travel through the stars?
Share your opinions ...

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References :1,2,3


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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thank you for reading, yeah sure I accept.

Outer space Isn't proven to exist so this Is a question about a most likely a fictional construct.

What are you talking about?

All the pictures of outer space and Earth from space are CGI, look It up yourself, you will not find a actual picture of the Earth from space, they are all composites.


  ·  3 years ago (edited)

@jjyeshua so you say there isn't outer space, no planets, and there is no universe, no satellites that allow us to communicate now, no black hole, no mars, nothing just us in this lands, you can just buy a telescope and discover some planets by yourself.

They are not planets they are lights, up until two months ago I believed In outer space, space stations, satellites, everything you do now. The problem Is It doesn't add up when you research It, the Heliocentric model Is clearly false to anyone who looks at It with an open mind. The video below Is of the planets you believe to be Terra Firma places.

One thing I might add it space radiation my friend. My Uncle David Low was a NASA astronaut and spacewalked multiple times in the 90's and early 2000s. He said the experience of seeing everything and only being tied to one little cord was absolutely exhilarating. The only problem most people don't know is that most astronauts aren't afraid of dying of blood boiling or explosion, they fear dying of cancer. The radiation their bodies experience from being in space is ridiculous. NASA tries to keep this underwraps as most astronauts die of pancreatic or some other form of cancer. The same thing happened to my Uncle Dave, he was a healthy human but died of pancreatic cancer a few years back because of his exposure to space radiation.

Hope this provided a little extra insight. Love your content, keep doing great things :)

I'm sorry about what happen to your uncle.
Thank you for this information

Thank you I really appreciate that. Good man. Use the info to save some people :)


Radiation is horrible.

Did your uncle talk about the "space lights" ?

It really drives the point home when the radiation is so powerful you can SEE it hitting your eyes...

NASA, SpaceX and all the others have got to take all this into account and design some high-tech suits to counter it, or some way to shield astronauts or otherwise heal the damage.

I hope NASA at least had the decency to take care of the medical bills.

Nope for real I have learned through my experience with my Uncle Dave that NASA does not care about the health and well-being of their astronauts. They just treat them as pawns in a game.

My cousins and my Aunt are lucky he invested wisely and took care of everything before he died. He sat down and explained everything to his children, which not everyone gets the chance to do.

But I was 23 (28 now) when he died, so I really wasn't woke to even questioning did he really go into space? He was a real honest, guy but never got the chance to ask him if the "space radiation" he felt was just some sort of high tech simulation

I appreciate your words and your attention buddy

I strongly believe most astronauts have had MKUltra or some other methods used on them. the reason I say this Is because apart from some of the odd things they say, they all clearly believe they've been to space. Up until two months ago I believed the whole Outer Space Heliocentric Earth model, I'm sure now that a massive Jesuit deception has taken place and this Is part of a larger New World Order plan to stage an Asteroid Impact and Alien invasion false flag. I don't believe we can get above low Earth orbit.

Wow amennnnnn like literally you put the thoughts in my head down on paper in this comment holy shit. And for real my Uncle was a perfect target, his father George David Low was a popular NASA figure and has a center in Houston named after him. So he could have easily been my Uncle's handler.

I worked as an astronaut instructor at NASA for almost a decade. Glad to see your interest. You may enjoy my blog as well. Upvoted and now following :-)

Thank you for your reply, you have a nice blog
I upvote and follow you back


up votes plz