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RE: 5 Reasons Why I think the Christian Religion is Man-Made

in #science4 years ago

Without trying to sound all "Christian-ee", but the Holy Spirit is illogical. I 100% agree that faith and the bible are contradictory but I argue that it is the humanity in it that limit the logic. Not trying to save you but any person that uses logic would agree with you. But salvation goes beyond logic. I believe that is the reason for faith. The divine.


Hold up here ... faith and the bible are incompatible how? But yes definitely we have ample evidence to show that man's logic and perception are painfully flawed. If nothing at all else, the Bible is an amazing psychological guide to not losing your shit.

Best example I can think of: you can read about riding a bike or eating a cookie but you don't get the experience of the wind or the flavors. You can understand it but you don't have it. Similarly, you can read and understand the bible but I believe you can't truly love until faith is real in your life.