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RE: Scientific Evidence Shouldn't Dictate Your Opinion

in #science7 years ago

Thank you so much for this. I believe this is the true spirit of science expressed right here. People use science as a weapon to go on crusades for what they want to believe. It's so rare that you can find studies that are not somewhere contradicted and yes, these studies are done by imperfect humans and only represent certain specific circumstances. To ad to that, a lot of studies are funded by corporations that have something to gain or lose by certain findings. Not all good science is going to get attention and not all bad science will be recognized as such.

I believe that personal experience and intuition is equally important in deciding what's true and what's not. Of course there are dangers to just believing "what feels right" but when balanced out with a respect and openness to scientific findings and a kind of (almost agnostic) analytical focus, I think we can go much further in terms of our understanding based on this intuition.


Everyone has something to gain for sure. Many people need to learn to examine life by using their own intuition. relying too much on others is a huge problem.

This advice is downright dangerous. Our intuition does not often match reality anymore. There is a reason you have a frontal lobe - and it's not because intuition is everything.

The opposite is also problematic. Your point? Blind faith to the authority?

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