The asteroid 'Great Pyramid' threatens the Earth

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The asteroid "2016 N-23", which is moving at 9 kilometers per second, is expected to cross our atmosphere or pass by it.

Although it will pass near the Earth and will pose no hazards, NASA has classified it in the dangerous celestial bodies on Earth.

NASA classifies the F-23 is an asteroid, a group of near-Earth asteroids, the asteroids The asteroid group ATHEN , named after the first asteroid discovered in the asteroid 2062 ATHEN.

The group of Aster asteroids, of which there are a total of 815 asteroids, orbits relatively irregular orbits and orbits are wider than Earth's orbit.

The size of the asteroid

The asteroid is a relatively large asteroid, slightly larger than the pyramid of Khufu, the Great Pyramid of the Pyramids of Giza, the Ring Theater in Rome or the Eye of London. NASA estimates it is about 160 meters in diameter.

Will the asteroid strike the earth?

It is estimated that it will probably not hit Earth, but NASA has described it as a "potential danger," although it would pass 3 million miles from Earth.

NASA's considerations come from an approved classification that any celestial body approaching Earth at 4.6 million miles is classified as potentially dangerous on Earth.

The sun is at least 93 million miles from Earth.

Cocktails are already close to Earth, but none of them exceed 6m.

 NASA said in a previous statement that no asteroid known to us at present may pose a serious threat to the Earth during the next century at least.

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