How Do We Find Absolute Truth? You Don’t Feel Real Peace, Living a Lie. Understanding Fake News, Cognitive Bias, Logic, Emotional Intuition & Corrupt Science. Plus, Joey Carbstrong Exposes Fake Channel 7 News

in science •  last month

A huge repeating theme in my life and online work is that of mindless 'repeaters' of information being convinced they are correct, while having done no actual research, having no evidence at all and yet aggressively pushing their position. This is clearly a case of denial running rampant - but what can we do? In this video I share a way to know absolute truth that bypasses a great deal of motivation to argue pointlessly with people!

Cognitive bias is a delusional mental dysfunction that it seems the majority of us are involved with to some extent. The willingness to filter out evidence and refuse to look at provable reality just because it contradicts what you personally buy into or want to be true. We can see this occurring on both sides of most polarising topics - including that of 'vaccine science', where both sides will deny elements of reality because it fits their hypothesis. The true measure of wisdom is whether or not we accept we are wrong on a point and move on - doing so does not automatically mean you are wrong overall.

I cover a lot of ground in a small space of time here, I could easily speak for days on this!

May we all learn to find absolute truth and be willing to do our own research!

My Whistleblower podcast interview (part 1) with @innerverse, as mentioned:

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The war is against the mind!

I feel that what you express in your post and you video is absolutely true, and the more people realize that they are in an open war where their minds are being constantly attacked the more the chances they have to actually fight against it.

What really surprises me the most is that it appears though there is some sort of mental virus which is installed in our brains and it has a defense mechanism... People end up defending and protecting exactly what hurts them.

This is the very first comment I do on the steem block chain and the things you said had to be said... and you said them very well. Cheers mate, you have gained a new follower!


Greetings and welcome! I followed you back.
Yes, there are many reversals and denials inside most of us. This all begins when we try to not feel certain feelings because we don't like them. This corrupted our essence and made it impossible to feel completely good.. This pattern of blocking out reality to attempt to make things better still hasn't been fully stopped or understood by most of us. We'll get there though - well some of us!

I just assume all news is fake and simply disregard it

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