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in science •  last year


This is amazing, I was surfing the internet earlier today when i came accross this; British Scientists captured the most devastating explosion that has ever happened in the universe, these pictures represent what it looks like.

This is said to happen 10 billion light years away from earth, and yet its this bright. Such explosion wipes out any planet in its path.

They give out so much energy in seconds as what the sun would in its entire 10 billion years. - That's woOw!!!


These pictures are the clearest of gamma ray bursts that have facinated scientists for decades. Research says they were first discovered in the late 1960s...

Read more about it online, be woowed and thankful this didn't occur close to earth.


Or Else...

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Love reading about this stuff. Keep it up :)


Thank you.

Wow..quiet informative...

Outer space explosions


hope no explosion will happen close to earth


Hope so oo, read that it caused extinction on earth multiple hundreds of million years ago...

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This is interesting✌ Thats huge btw.

God is stronger than the scientists. The Earth is Lord's and all that dwell in it.