The Sun as an Energy Source

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Today on The Wizard Life I'm going to be talking to you about the Sun and how it's just so awesome! First I'll show you how I'm using a Solar Panel to power all of the technology I'm using while I'm living in my truck out in the middle of the desert, and then I'll discuss how the Sun actually adds energy to our human biological system by interacting with the water in our cells. The Sun is Life!

So let's talk about the technological side of things. In the image below you can see the 100 Watt Solar Panel* I'm using. It's moderately flexible and very flat so it's ideal for packing into the back of the truck when I'm on the move. It runs directly into the little 12v Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery* you see on the ground next to it to store the power of the sun!


I have an even bigger 12v Lead Acid Battery* connected to this system which sits up in the front of the passenger side of the truck. This thing is massive and holds 100 Amp Hours of power! That's enough energy to run a 100-Amp appliance for 1 Hour, or a 1-Amp appliance for 100 hours. Almost everything I use runs off the 12v Direct Current (DC) stored in this battery, which I prefer because Alternating Current (AC) generates dirty electricity which can be biologically harmful.

I also have a 1500-Watt Power Inverter* which converts DC to AC so that I can use standard household appliances if I need to. Currently the only thing I use this for is running my Whole Body Vibration Plate.


There's a long list of things I run off of the Sun's energy out here, and the image below gives a decent sampling. On the right is my 12v Hot Water Boiler* which I use for making Hot Chocolate every morning. In the middle is a 12v Slow Cooker* which makes delicious and inexpensive meals with very little effort. On the left is my Acer Laptop* which I use to do things like make videos and write this article! In the back in the Whole Body Vibration Plate I mentioned, which takes 850-Watts to start up!


The Sun doesn't just provide us free energy for our appliances, it's also been fueling life on this planet since it's been here! Even we Humans receive energy from the Sun through our skins.

One way this happens is through the generation of what's called Structured Water. This is where the infrared energy from the Sun causes the water molecules in our cells to form a more organized structure which pushes dissolved solids (e.g. salt) out into the non-structured water directly adjacent. This creates two sections of water with different electrical charges, which means energy is being stored which the body can use... AWESOME!


If you want to learn more about Structured Water, I recommend watching Bulletproof Radio Episode #304 with Dr. Gerald Pollack. He's a researcher at the University of Washington and the discoverer of Structured Water or what they're also calling the 4th Phase of Water. You're probably familiar with the other 3 Phases: Frozen, Liquid, Steam. It's an amazing podcast episode, so I hope you have the chance to check it out.

Thanks for stopping by!

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There is a 4th phase of the water, that we can use to generate energy.
In fact there is a zone, called ez (exclusion zone) water that separate the water from the hydrophilic surface.
Ez water is charged negatively and water is charged positively, so that’s a good way to generate energy. That may help us solve energy problems in some countries or provide purified water, because ez water excludes all the bacteria from the water.But the ez water theory was not proven yet.


Exactly! Maybe we'll have solar panels in the future which use water as their primary functional element.

Right on, I like how there are solar panels, and then you are also a solar panel in one of the photos. I am a wizard too, so I guess I will follow you posts.


Hello fellow wizard! I look forward to getting to know you.


Thanks, I am going to produce some quality blogposts. I'm looking forward to the future of photo voltaic, I think within the next couple years our set ups will look pretty old school.

We have everything we need in this beautiful planet .

Solar power is all well and good when you live in the sun, unfortunately, if we want renewable energy in the UK we have to harness the power of the wind, the waves and the currents :/


How are you harvesting it from the waves and currents?


For currents, it's easy, it's basically a windfarm in the sea - dams use currents as well. Waves can make power through buoys that rise and fall, creating pressurized water that pumps through an inland turbine.


Very cool!

perfect engery source

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Dude, put your shirt on.

It seems he does not live yet very log in the desert as he has still very white But he is right, there is so much energy around us and its amazing, what you can just do with such a system if you have a good battery storage and a good inverter ! Well done. Please keep us updated ! Many thanks.


I've lived for 20 years in Arizona. No one here is stupid enough to go out in the sun like that. But that typically means we all have pasty white skin....

Great information. Do you allow me to translate the video into German language and post it on my Youtube and DTube channel ?
Also I don´t see here a Resteam button... hmm....

"Here comes the sun" love that song, I could feel the energy of your hands Mr Wizard even by watching your video. (time & space is such an illusion) thank you very much for sharing your way of energizing yourself ;) we should all do the same. like you must have noticed I start my @thenamadicway on my bike only my muscles and motivation get me somewhere also powered by the sun. But one day I will travel around the world in a ecological bus so I can follow your example.

In the hope to see more of your adventures I say to you:
Namasté & Love
Nama & Robin