Jacque Fresco - No Beginning or Ending

in science •  last year

Do things get created and destroyed - do they have a beginning and ending? Or do they just change state?

In this short video, Jacque Fresco goes into this and similar topics.

This video was first posted on our Youtube channel.

The Venus Project
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Things not having a beginning or end is one of the ideas in Eastern Spiritual groups. However, they tend to stick with what is or what was and not move or "evolve" the social and economical structure, which with a spectrum of understanding of the idea(s) tend to act as non-progressive.

Thanks for putting this in a new light and presenting with a different and essential perspective. :]

Thank you for the post, these videos are very informative and a great way to share ideas that are not in the mainstream.

Thanks for sharing to all of you, always a pleasure to think in his deepness. I would like to add on physics law to it. For every action you get a equal opposite reaction. But was it initially a action or an reaction of a prior action who force the reaction? And what is your part as observer of that law?

If we could only be conscious in other states... We call Big Bang the beginning of our Universe, but Jacques has a point, maybe it is the end of some star... Who knows, hopefully science will tell us.
Thanks for sharing his words <3

Cheers, Luka.


If we look close and allow to see it as biological process, then i make a hypothesis, as plants come out of plants, humans come out of humans, so will black holes come out of black holes who defines the Galaxies around them, as well Universes come out of Universes.

But lets look closer to a Black Hole and how such a hypothesis works.
Black Holes Compress Matter, they press the hell out of an Atom.
The Atom is in a super dense state. The Pressure around the Atom is extreme high.

Now imagine a extreme situation is happening like a merge of a second smaller black hole.
And the unbelievable happens a Atom get shouted out of the super dense area.

Like a blowfish in the ocean who expands (blow up) because of pressure change during transition from high density to a lower density. The Atom will expand until the pressure inside to outside is equal. And if the Atom is very lucky and it is in a super low density area then a whole new galaxy could be born.

And all without Big Bang and explosive forces only with a difference in density of the space. ;-)

But it is a hypothesis! I think Jacques would love it. And add some personal ideas to it.

Love and Light to all of you


Oooh you got me thinking now. Yes it's a hypothesis but a cool one and who knows what Jacques would add to this...
But we need to think out of box and always wonder about nature and Cosmos.

Much love, Luka.


I fully agree, keep the kids mind open and explore like we did as children...


YEAH!, Forever young :)

Greetings, Venus Project. I will follow him, because I find this author very good, although he has a certain difficulty in understanding some of his concepts.
For example, he set up a form of world in which people would be well in every way, especially in the area of ​​health, economy and food. However, it seems that the cultural issue diminishes in this world.
Regarding this video, I really imagine that the world and people are just changing. I believe that nothing should end once, because as we are matter, we tend to transform ourselves with the passage of time.
Thank you very much for the video.
Good afternoon!!!!


Actuallt cultural differences will be able to flourish because we no longer will be limited economically or borders. Yes due to the fact that the world gets smaller, we mix and become more homogenious in some ways but we have more differences within the same city. That simple is cultural evolution