Jacque Fresco - Investigating Behavior (part 5)

in science •  last year 

Discussion on being physically fit and being mentally fit, how we react to the environment, what people want, telling the truth, among other topics.

This video was first posted on our Youtube channel.

The Venus Project
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That's why I don't watch TV and I watch these kinds of episodes! I don't let my education interfere with my knowledge! ;)
OH what beautiful drawings :O :O Thanks for sharing that, they're stunning!

Another great post by @thevenusproject. I simply love your posts and you're my bright spot here!

Much Cosmic Love. Luka

On Anthropology: I can only imagine the vast array of chemical compositions found in the bones of modern man versus even a few hundred years ago given the amount of trash we have in our environments today.

good evening
This project is very good. In my view, there is a difference between those who seek to have a healthy body and those who seek to have a healthy mind. The ideal is that we have both, as the saying goes here in Brazil: sound mind in a healthy body.

Thank you and good night!!!

Very nice post. So true, if you got a break mind dons´t matter how you eat.