Jacque Fresco - Investigating Behavior (Part 1)

in science •  last year

Jacque Fresco discusses the subjects of how we could investigate human behavior, whether there is such a thing as human nature, how behavior in people and animals gets generated, among other topics.

This video was first posted on our Youtube channel.

The Venus Project
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Dope! Nice! Exactly something to resteem
Thnx @massivevibration for yours...I do the same and follow!!!!!!!!

I love this part of Moving Forward on this topic

Great video, thank you The Venus Project

thaanks a lot for upload this videos from this awesome visionary. i enjoy a lot his wisdom. im very glad to find this kind of content here in Steemit, i watch a lot of his videos in youtube some years ago, so im very excited about i can share the info here for my friends in this comunity. bless

This provides us with a new scientific/more logical way of looking at behavior of people around us and also makes us more more empathetic towards the kind of behaviour we don't like. :D

As someone said what makes you angry is a window for you look into yourself.

great post dear very nice video @thevenusproject.

Very good video of her. I am a psychologist and I know that in the USA the current related to behavior analysis is very strong. Your proposer, Skinner, writes well about the conditioning we receive and why we act that way. My line is cognitive, I study the person's personality through the thoughts and beliefs that it possesses. Her world view and how she interprets the events that happen tend to shape the way she thinks, feels and acts, building her personality !!!!

Thanks for the video and the form of study of this author.
Good evening!

Again thanks to all of you for Sharing of great thoughts.

I fully agree we can't exclude our environment, our world view from our knowledge, from our conclusions.

I want to get further and say if we living in a sea of love of energy and the love and energy is all around us, clearly we interact with that field of love and energy. It doesn't mater if you believe it, or experience it, or not, you still interact with it.

Light and Love to all of you

Exceptional point by Mr. Jacques that scientist can tell which area of the brain can work when stimulated, but they can't tell if this is good or bad :O

The mind is something else and is more complicated than the brain, and studying those reactions on the environment will lead us to much deeper understanding... But, the research on that really needs to be made thorough and with great importance and seriousness!

We are individuals and needed to be treated like that! Oh man, I could listen to Jacques all day long...

Much love, Mr. Spacely.