Jacque Fresco - Decisions

in science •  2 years ago 

"Who makes the decisions?" is the old question. "What is the process by which decisions are arrived at?" is the real question of interest, and the one we take a look at in this video.

The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new world civilization. It calls for a straightforward redesign of our culture in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable but as totally unacceptable. Anything less will result in a continuation of the same catalog of problems inherent in today's world.

This video was first posted on our Youtube channel.

The Venus Project
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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Another popular question induced by this video is who makes decisions? Or more specifically, who arrives at them?

Experts in the various fields can be carrying out the activities after they run surveys and experiments to determine what the proper activities would be. Right now, the world is moving more and more towards handing over the activities to machines, so even expert involvement is a transition towards letting the machines do the important tasks that support the lives of people. We can have much more security when a service is performed by a machine (like elevators, self-driving cars, calculators, etc.).

Currently money and control of resources makes decisions. In the future knowledge (by the proper use of technology) will. His example is a great one; first you do the research, then you make the decisions.

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