Shifting To New Systems

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Cultural and technological progress allowed better systems to replace old ones

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Today, most humans live better than kings of the past. In each era, as the world becomes more free and equal, the world gets better.

If historical trends continue, another jump forward would mean that the majority of the world's population would live better than the wealthiest do in our world today. It wouldn't happen overnight, but that would be the direction.

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I'm sure your book will be a valuable read, regarding the assessment parameters and tools of the current "state of the world", to begin with. In societies where it seems that the general knowledge individual levels (history, literature, sciences,...) is lowering year after year, and even the very natural conditions for preserving "intelligent" life on the planet are put in jeopardy (according to many "collapse hypothesis" surveys), it may appear daredevil to pretend there exists some kind of "cultural progress" :-)

Thanks for reading!

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