Meteor Shower

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** 1.- What is a meteor shower? **

As a comet travels close to the Sun, it warms up and part of the comet evaporates. After a comet has rotated around the Sun many times, a lot of small pieces are left along the way of the comet, that's what we call meteor showers.

** 2.- What causes meteor showers? **

A meteor shower happens when the Earth passes through the path of a comet. When this happens the small pieces of the comet, most no larger than a grain of sand, create light signals in the night sky.

** 3.- What are the meteor showers? **

Pieces of dust and boulders which enter the Earth's atmosphere are called meteors. On any given night, there are several small meteors that shoot across the sky.

** 4.- Can you know when there will be a meteor shower? **

Many of these meteor showers can be predicted and occur at the same time each year.

** 5.- Where does the meteor shower happen? **

It happens in the space and the atmosphere of the earth.

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