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Dear Moslem brothers

There is one of the deserted Prophet sunnah that are not allowed much because many people became one of inattentive of it. It begins with ourselved because the worldly life has some phases and days. I’tikaf could be in mosque where the congregational prayer is held. However, it just recommended for the person who get concides with Friday prayer is performed.


Someone who practiced I’tikaf in a mosque before the Friday prayer began. Then, just make a sure that mosque, in which you will be practicing I’tikaf is away from the crowded peoples and the sources of noisy. Then, it’s would be a better to choose a mosque that no body knows you for sincerity and it makes your heart and mind completely (khusyu’).


For knowing, I’tikaf is one of best sunnah because we can do it all times. It begins wherever he likes and end it whenever he likes. It is really better during Ramadhan Kareem. It is also such a great opportunity and few hours for the Moslem peoples for taking his benefit by getting away from people devoting himself to worship in Allah. The big purposes is how to gain some reward from the God and also find His grace for worshiping Him in Lailatul Qadr night.

Bon Ramadhan a tous, que Allah ébéniste toujours


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