HUMAN BRAIN - alpha and beta rhytm part 1

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Human brain has a lot of mysteries and one of them is a question of alpha and beta rhytms.

It all started in 1928, when the German doctor Berger fitted two electrodes to his head and connected their ends to the electrical measuring instrument. The arrow swept along the scale - this was the beginning of the study of brain biocurrents. Over time, it became clear - the electric field of the central nervous system is subject to certain rhythms. They are found several, and they are called different letters of the Greek alphabet.

Alpha rhythm

The most notable is the alpha rhythm. Its frequency ranges 7-14  hertz. In a state of complete rest, when the brain is completely cleared of any thoughts, the alpha waves are most distinct. With active mental activity, with experiences, in solving some everyday problems, these waves are damped, and in some cases even disappear.

What is so remarkable about the alpha-rhythm and why it is needed by the human body?

The thing is in  person's consciousness. In a state of complete relaxation and immersion in themselves, alpha waves are amplified, and in our psyche, our healing cleansing processes begins.

Since spiritual and physical health directly depends on what we think and how we think, then having abandoned vain problems, a person includes powerful levers of self-regulation, which first of all begin to influence consciousness.

The reprogramming of this most important function of our psyche leads to its purification from all sorts of unnecessary rubbish, radically changes the inner world of man. So external stereotypes of behavior also change, which means that health and life expectancy improves.

But if the thoughts become active, then the alpha rhythm immediately begins to weaken. Its amplitudes decay, giving way to beta-rhythm. The brain plunges into the routine of being with a huge number of problems. be continued

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Cool, I am taking Neuroscience II this semester,
I guess I'll learn more about this magic waves of the brain...


wow then share with us some new info too)

Very interesting article, as always.