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Hello Steemians! I was browsing the internet and thought somewhere someone is watching me, they know what i do and what i'm doing right now through my phone because i'm connected to the internet. Thus, the term 'Hacker' comes up. so, i thought of sharing some info about hackers. The word 'Hacker' carries a certain negative implication for most people. But those days are gone when everyone thought hackers are just ugly nerds sitting in front of a black computer screen with green codes. There are 5 types of hackers(actually there are more but i took the main ones).

These are the Gurus of the hacking world. They have the skills and knowledge nobody else has. But what makes them extremely rare is their ethics and integrity. They often act as white hats who know the network infrastructure and have the programming knowledge to write their own tools. They aren't motivated by criminal intentions and are more intent on detecting coding problems and security flaws and informing system administrators. Becoming an elite hacker needs years of hard work and patience.

Black Hats
This class of hacker goes beyond just crashing a network using a Denial of Service(DoS) attack.They are also called Cyber-criminals. They thrive and love the fact that they can hide behind the veil of the web as they share information with other. They are able to hide encrypted data in plain view that only a fellow cyber criminal can find it. Governments all across the globe tend to hire these types of hackers to do their dirty business, ranging from simple spying to cyber warfare.

White Hats
They are the good guys of the hacker world, also known as Ethical hackers. They help in finding and removing bugs and malwares in the system or in pentesting networks. Most of them hold a certificate in IT security or computer science which is needed to pursue a career in hacking. Some work with the government to make the network secure and help in finding cyber criminals who are breaching the network.

Gray hats
They are somewhere between good and bad, some gray hats referred to as 'hacktivists', try to expose wrongdoings, revenge or harass a specific target. Technically, this type of hacking is done without the authority's permission and hence it is considered illegal. If you combine a white hat and a black hat, you will get a grey hat type, not all of them are evil. Some of them want to protect the system or expose cyber criminals illegally. But some of them are evil, just show that they aren't. Therefore, they are hard to recognize.

Script Kiddies
This group of hackers aren't really hackers. They don't have any info about ethical hacking. They simply copy code and use it for making malicious bugs or malwares. They will never hack for themselves, they just use a common software which you can find in the operating system such as Kali Linux. They watch tutorials on how to use the tools and have no prior knowledge in network or computer science.

As i have a keen interest in ethical hacking, i want to be a cyber security engineer in the future. I'm learning and i've a long way to go. If you like these type of stuff then i recommend you to watch USA Network's Mr. Robot. It is a masterpiece. I'm sure most of you have heard about it. The main star is played by Rami Malek and i'm 100% sure you'll love it.

Thank you for reading and bye :)

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Nice presentation of the hacker types @synysterx.
Thank you for resteeming my post.