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Aliens. Every time something seemingly unexplainable happens, people blame aliens. If one would believe all these stories it would seem like an alien’s favorite free time activity is abducting humans and drawing crop circles.

But what about crop circles under water ? That doesn’t look like it’s made by a mischievous human posing as an alien. So what created them?

The power of love!

You might laugh, but it’s basically true. The about 2 meters wide circles with the complicated patterns are created by the male pufferfish!


For up to nine days, the tiny (12 centimeters long) fish swims around the ocean floor and flaps its fins to create the perfect pattern. Sometimes, it has to start all over because the circle is fragile and can be swept away by underwater currents.

But if all goes as planned, a female will come by and inspect the circle. If she likes it she lays her eggs in the middle of the artwork where the male fertilizes it. Together they guard the eggs for six more days until they both leave, which prompts the male to start the whole process all over again.

But why put the eggs in the middle of the circle?

Scientists are weird people, so they tested the water flow throughout the pattern. And what a surprise! Right in the middle, the water speed is almost 25 percent slower! A piece of useful, protective art for their offspring.


Pufferfish Love Explains Mysterious Underwater Circles

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Role of Huge Geometric Circular Structures in the Reproduction of a Marine Pufferfish

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For 5 years I worked at a restaurant that had an aquarium. For years I wondered why I would see those patterns in the sand at the bottom of the tank. Now, years later I understand why. Thanks for sharing, it's funny how ideas connect over a lifetime. P.S. Puffer fish can be MEAN, be careful around them.

I'm happy to have solved the mystery for you! :D

And I plan to stay away from everything as toxic as the pufferfish.

Maybe alchemists were just regular dudes trying to impress geometry loving chicks. Chicks love geometry.

It's Russian submarines are to blame.

"Aliens. Every time something seemingly unexplainable happens, people blame aliens."

Or Gods =D

See, this is the kind of thing that blows my mind. To me, the alien hypothesis is almost easier to digest. This would be like a farmer hand-turning the soil in an entire field just to plant a single single in the center; so much work for such a small gain. How do they know?! I understand why they do it now; it's an instinct that has aided survival for millions of years. But, where does it originate from? Nature never ceases to amaze me! Thanks for sharing.


@suesa very interesting
I'm glad to be able to leave a comment here.
on the content of your article this does not explain the overall place of water,
does the fish spawn at the bottom of the seawater?
if so, how the fish lay their eggs in the marshes!
I know at least about the swamp. in the marshes, the water does not spin and in the swamps does not occur waves. so it is not a circle.
thanks for sharing

there are some great videos about this , its amazing to watch !

Detailed science has a big package of information,I believe we all love science

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I think there was an 80's song about this. Circle in the Sand Belinda Carlise lol


Editing your comment doesn't delete it from the blogchain, you know. People can still find what you wrote in the first place.

It's not aliens and it's not humans. Read the damn post before commenting on it.

Not.. ALIENS? haha.

For once, no 😝

Resteemed for being interesting!

I beg your pardon but I have to correct you Suesa: those circles are made by U.S.O.s (unidentified submerged objects).

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