Solve This Math Problem And Win 3 SBD

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Using the following three equations, find the value for x. First to comment correctly wins 3 SBD! Easy riches baby!
The variables a, b, and c hold the same value between the three equations.

This amazing contest was brought to you by @kryzsec



42 was actually a misspelling of 72, which is the number of virgins in heaven, which is the real meaning of life.

You inverted tens and units :p

Wait, are you kidding me? I actually got the right number but backwards? Damn, I deserve the reward for 'accurate witticism'!

Lolzzzz...i give it to u..u tried bro

I thought you did it on purpose! :D

You have a high opinion of my intelligence and I thank you for that! :P

No I didn't even attempt to solve the equation. Just saw trumpman's comment, realized he meant Douglas Adams, and made the joke about the 72 virgins!

Hmmmm.....wisdom is profitable alexander

Its a typographical error so inverted tens and unit

Think about the universe and everything :)

Yeap, the answer is indeed x=27.

that was easy. haha

You got the right answer and showed work, correctly, to solve it therefore I will give you 1.5 SBD prize, second place.

But this one has a proof :)

But the post initially said only 1 prize lol

yeah yeah, just trying to defend @sinbad989 :)

Yes this is what I found too :p

I think ive got 27 too,but still trying to comfirm

Correct, 3 SBD will go to you.

thank you :)

27 is the right answer.... Bro follow me and vote my post...I will follow and vote their post sure.

Hmmmm...nice post
Incase i miss,ill like to knw the answer

x = 42 ........... Best Info..... @egtech