The Question No Flat Earther Can Answer!

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Put Flat Earth to Bed with One Simple, Non-Scientific Question that Any Layman can Understand.

I was speaking to my brother-in-law last week. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Do you know that some people believe the earth is flat?
Him: Like a pancake?
Me: Yes.
Him: You’ve just got to look at ships sailing over the horizon.
Me: I know.
Him: Are you serious?
Me: Yes.
Him: They are stupid.
Me: I thought lots of people had heard about it.
Him: I haven’t.

If you’re like my brother-in-law and haven’t heard about flat earth (FE) before don’t worry. You have not entered into the twilight zone of Steemit and reading this article will not kill brain cells.

My brother-in-law said that flat earthers are stupid. This is a common response but not one that I would use. But, flat earthers should know that they are making fools of themselves (most inadvertently so). They are chasing a red herring. The phrase ‘red herring means’ ‘to divert’ or ‘distract’. Circa 1680’s fugitives on the run would smear the trail with a red herring hoping to put bloodhounds off the scent.

I don’t like to see people making fools of themselves and I apologize if using the term ‘stupid; or ‘fool’ offends you - that is not my intention. I just want to be honest with you and tell you know what most people think when you tell them that the earth is flat.

You probably already know that this. You’ve probably been called much worse. You probably don’t care because you believe that you are right. I’m hoping to clear some things up for you today. Unfortunately you are not alone.

Scientists and people from all walks of life are wasting time by researching, discussing and proving a spherical earth to you. Hopefully we can put an end to this once and for all.

A Flat Earth Map

flat earth map SteemTruth.jpg

This is one of many flat earth maps and it seems to be the most popular.

I have made the map large so that it is easy for you to see. Now, pretend that you are looking at a clock. Start at the center and draw an imaginary line towards the perimeter. The imaginary line will dissect these countries.

* 2 o’clock - Australia

* 3 o’clock - Russia (green), China yellow green), India (orange)

* 4 o’clock - Ukraine, Turkey, Saudi Arabia (all yellow green)

* 5 o’clock - Europe, Libya (orange), South Africa (yellow green)

* 6 o’clock - UK (green), France (pink) Mauritania (pink)

* 8 o’clock - Brazil (yellow green), Argentina (green), Chile (yellow green)

* 9 o’clock - Canada (orange), USA (green), Caribbean

* 11 o’clock - Alaska (green)

The white area surrounding the map is Antartica. It is an impenetrable ice-wall, apparently.

This is how most flat earthers view the world. Now that we’ve got that out of the way lets move on to the question.

The Question

Q: How are commercial airplanes able to fly Non-Stop between Sydney to Santiago in 14 hours on a flat earth?

A: They can’t. It’s impossible on ALL flat earth maps.

santigo sydney fligth path on flat earth SteemTruth.jpg

Southern Hemisphere Flights

Ask a flat earther to explain non-stop flights between Southern Hemisphere continents i.e. non-stop flights between Australia, Africa and South America.

These non-stop flights are impossible on every flat earth map that I’ve seen.

Let’s take a quick look at some of these flight paths on a spherical earth. Pay attention to the flight path, distance and flight times.

All flights have been calculated at speeds of 500 mph (804 kmh). 30 minutes has been added for take-off and landing.

Flight Speed Flat Earth Calculator SteemTruth.jpg

Sydney > Santiago

Flight Path Time Distance Speed Sydney Santiago Flat Earth SteemTruth.jpg

I have a friend that flies Sydney to Santiago every few years. He spent 3 months there last year. I messaged him while he was away and casually asked about his flight.

I have another friend that has taken the same non-stop flight.

Perth > Johannesburg

Flight Path Time Distance Speed Perth Johannesburg Flat Earth SteemTruth.jpg

Santiago > Johannesburg

Flight Path Time Distance Speed Santiago Johannesburg Flat Earth SteemTruth.jpg

Los Angeles > Hong Kong

The map below shows the flight path, distance and time from Los Angeles to Hong Kong on a spherical earth. The distance and time is almost exactly the same as Sydney to Santiago, as you would expect.

Flight Path Time Distance Speed Los Angeles Hong Kong Flat Earth SteemTruth.jpg

This Flat Earth map below shows the flight path for Sydney to Santiago (the long line), and Los Angeles to Hong Kong (the short line). The Sydney flight is more than the double the distance.

If the earth was flat the flight times would be very different, but they aren’t - and the world is not flat.

santigo sydney hong kong los angeles fligth path on flat earth SteemTruth.png

Next time you encounter a flat earther I would encourage to ask them to explain Southern Hemisphere flights on their map. If they are rational they will say that these flights are not possible. If they are irrational they will attempt to divert you to another topic or say they are working on it. If they start saying that the planes don’t really fly, or talk of secret supersonic planes and jet streams, tell them they’re dreaming.

Don’t get sucked in and waste time on flat earth.

Flat earthers don’t trust NASA and either do I. In fact, I don’t expect any government agency to tell me the truth - but that does not mean that the earth is a pancake. I also know that it doesn’t feel like the earth is spinning and my hair isn’t blowing as I’d expect - but again, that does not mean that the earth is a pancake.

This is where I hope all flat-earthers are honest and admit that they can’t answer this very simple question. I’d like flat-earthers to acknowledge that this question blows the theory out of the water.

I hope that they, and all of us will start focusing on far more important issues than this. Like working together and removing ourselves from the paradigm that we currently find ourselves in!

Red herrings like flat earth cause division and diversion. We split into our respective camps and do our best to win, we are all guilty of it at times. Far too often the conversation turns vitriolic and damage is done. While we are busy pouring out our knowledge, anger and frustration on someone else or an issue, our focus and energy is diverted away from far important things. Like spending time with loved or helping people that need a hand.

Let’s create a better world, a decentralized world, free of tyranny, where we act voluntarily and live with joy and abundance. If you can help me do that I’d really appreciate it. And if you secretly want to keep believing that the earth is flat I’ll be fine with that to.

N.B: No research was required for this post. I’d looked into this years ago. I do not intend to spend more time on FE. I wanted to put this information on the blockchain. Hopefully it will clear up some confusion and give Steemians a simple method to follow when confronting a flat earther.

Thank you for reading.

Till next time!

Yours in Peace, Love & Truth

P.S. I’m aware that there are many ways to prove a spherical earth. This is possibly the simplest method, and hopefully the most effective. If you have a better, simpler method please let me know in the comments below.

P.P.S. Many christians have also been tricked into believing the earth is flat. The bible says the earth hangs on nothing.

He stretches out the north over the void and hangs the earth on nothing. (Job 26:7)


Some interesting analysis. Cogito ergo sum maybe it's all flat and the math works some how. I just figure lies that big not this many people would know about. Seems like eventually someone would prove it with smart phone or something if some ice wall or hollow earth or other stuff, but maybe you can make fake video of anything now. Who knows in this world of ours?

The world is more than a little bit crazy at times @fatkat. I think the powers that shouldn't be take great pleasure in watching us argue amongst ourselves about silly topics like flat earth while they carry on with their plans to keep us oppressed.

What are you doing that is more important than arguing silly topics? What makes this topic silly?

Great post mate. Can't argue with facts.
Y'know what though? It won't deter many of the flat earthers. I've spoken to a number over the past year or so and they can be unbelievably dogmatic
Even when you pose a question or produce evidence contrary to the flat earth 'theory' they're not having it.
It's a shame because 'flat earthers' are being compared to 9/11 truthers and other seriously legitimate truth seekers.
Hopefully this post will convince some of those on the fence and deter some who are considering researching this folly.

Well said mate. Both the truther and christian communities are being negatively impacted by the actions of the flat earthers. I believe that it is a psychological operation that far too many people have fallen for. I'm reminded of CIA memo 1035-960.

It's no secret that the CIA had a plan set forth where they planned to use disinformation on the public.
CIA director William Casey was famously quoted as saying......

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when eveverything the American public believes is false!"

They put it right in your face and still most folks don't have a clue.

I remember that quote. That sums it up quite well. I think it's a psyop.


Oh this debate lol

Earth is Flat not surprised
Earth is sphere not surprised
This debate still goes on not surprised

Whatever the shape is babies are still dying from chemical poisoning
26 doses the first year of life ! No wonder we rank 34th in IMR



@steemtruth have to a shout out today !!

That first pic almost answers my question about how thick the disc is?

Funny meme, though I must say vaccines causing autism is very much a disproven theory. Autism is a genetically inherited disorder... so nothing after birth can cause autism.

Chill with the vaccine shit.. vaccines save thousands if not millions of lives every year. You could be hurting someone's child in the future by promoting such a stupid conspiracy theory.


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Time travels slower as you approach the edges of the flat earth.. time is all relative. Therefore, the earth is flat.

Time travels slower at the bottom of a Steemit post, therefore Steemit is Facebook...

whatever shape it is, I don't give a fuck. I care about making it a better place for suffering little children, the victimized, the poor, the hopeless etc. I care about doing my own part no matter how small and so should you.

FE is designed to be a distraction. You would do well to stay away from it and focus on the far more important issues that you have pointed out. I do not intend to keep writing about FE. I just wanted to get this one post on the blockchain in the hope that it would be helpful to others. Thanks for your input.

It is possible that GE was designed to be a distraction, and the current FE distraction is organized around a fabrication as impossible as the original distraction, but to distract us from examining the original while at the same time discrediting itself.

With all due respect I think you are reading too much into it and complicating it. I'm not picking a fight, just how I see it.

I read no more than what is available, and I respect your opinion. If you weren't trying to pick a fight you might have titled this post less provocatively. ;)

Fair enough ;)

Theoretically your theory is possible. I just don't see evidence for it. Thanks for being a good sport.

"When I disagree with a rational man, I let reality be our final arbiter; if I am right, he will learn; if I am wrong, I will; one of us will win, but both will profit." -Ayn Rand

Even though it isn't in the direct quote, I think one could look at this quote on the other side and say there is no profit to be had by either party in a disagreement when the rational, observable universe is not the agreed upon standard. Any appeals to faith or shifting the burden of proof is, as you said, an attempt to divert. Removing the objective eye is to remove the only tool we can use as a common frame of reference in our existence as separate beings.

I think she might have meant that the person that was wrong will profit in being left alone and not being forced to the change their mind and in the end if they are open to it they will profit from being proven wrong and thus able to change their mind on their own accord. I really love that quote. I had never seen it before.

Correct; in the quote, she is speaking of the rational conversation. In my commentary, I am referring to the lack of purpose of your discussion with those of the irrational camp of mind, the people who are denying the many sources that have been duplicated and verified over and over on a given topic, like the shape of our planet. Can and do the discussions happen? Of course. But as you stated at the beginning, the time of critically-thinking and more productively contributing members of society are "wasting their time".

I am fully a skeptic, so I don't argue for blind acceptance as fact. But I do argue that time is everyone's most valuable resource so I make mine count.

well said @thedreamsteem and lovely quote. I am also a skeptic. I never accept anything blindly so years a few years ago I took a close look at flat earth because so many people we're talking about it. I wanted to know the truth so I did the research. There is lots of evidence for a spherical earth but I thought that this was the simplest one for any layman to understand. I spent considerable time looking at flat earth theory. I hope that my post will save people questioning the shape of the earth some time. All the very best!


ME: So the earth is flat you say?
FE: Yes, without a doubt!
ME: Are the sun and the moon flat too?
FE: him-haw, hee haw, blah blah blah

You know what's even more disturbing than the flat earth theory. The 'no earth theory'. If for example you think that there is a high probability that we're living in a simulation, then technically you might be a no-earther!

The reason it's more disturbing than flat earth, is because it might be true. We'll start to consider these things more and more, when we begin to populate our video games with human like AI that can think and can communicate intellectually with "real world" players.

"All statements are true in some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and false in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true and false and meaningless in some sense."

– A public service clarification by the Sri Syadasti School of Spiritual Wisdom, Wilmette. Principia Discordia

I find neither to be disturbing. A couple of things I do find mildly disturbing:
A) No curvature or motion has ever been detected or measured anywhere.
B) Billions of people operate under the assumption that it has been.

Very smart post. Very truthful. The Earth is obviously round

So obvious it is still being debated.

I remember coming across a great article against the flat Earth on a YouTube video somewhere that I probably would never be able to find again, so this argument isn't mine, but I'll share it anyway;

Given a flat Earth, the length of each line of longitude, if measured linearly, will be longer than the ones further north ("inward" on the flat Earth) from it, whereas on a globe, the lengths will increase until you get to the equator, then start decreasing again.

So a flat Earther could prove their case by picking two lines of latitude, one north of the equator and one south of it - let's say the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn - and measuring their distance as they circumnavigate them. If the Earth is flat, the southern latitude line will always be significantly longer than the northern one.

Go for it, flat Earthers.

Fantastic post and great comments. I agree on the divisiveness this has caused. Which is more important? The shape of the planet, or the fact that we live in an immoral, mind-controlled, involuntary "society", where fear and scarcity rule? Upvoted and followed. Great work!

Thank you and well said. I'm already following you ;)

Good Point, Thanks For Sharing! FOLLOWING YOU!!

What's a more relevant question is why do people believe in a flat earth? I'd really like to know. This groups existence discredits all movements that do not trust established institutions of knowledge. Crazy is a spectrum, some crazy is necessary for growth, if not no institutions of power and knowledge would have been toppled and we'd still be in the dark ages. Too much, and well, we have this worthless debate sucking millions of collective hours from humanity.

My personal opinion is that FE is a psyop that has tricked some truthers and christians into believing it.

Obama, when replying a climate change skeptic replied 'this is not a meeting of the flat earth society'.

Obama directed people to the FE Society and labelled anyone questioning climate change in with flat earthers. This reminds of CIA Memo 1035-960 where they weaponized the term 'conspiracy theory' to attack anyone questioning the JFK assassination. It is an effective that has worked for them in the past and they are using it again only know they have switched it to FE.

The FE Society looks like a psyop front to me. Their theories are easy to debunk and I believe that is by design. Nowadays, when people mention a conspiracy some people reply with 'you probably believe in flat earth as well'.

This is designed to discredit the conspiracy theory that is being discussed and associate it with FE.

4D flat earth map not ae map

You are trying to debunk a red-herring flat earth map. It's irrelevant. To prove the Earth isn't flat, it's 100% simple........Where is the curvature? Prove curvature, and you win.

I was never a flat Earther. Been down this ole' rabbit hole and climbed out although it led to some interesting things such as the 1000 yr old Buddhist map that shows much more land than we actually know of on the earth. Some map maker back then trippin' on shrooms? The gooberment put it out to make us go a searchin'? I don't know? How bout the scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson's comment on how the Earth is not round but rather an oblate spheroid or pear shaped being smaller at the top and fatter below the equator? I can understand the Earth spinning at a 100 miles per hour, gravity and all that jazz with it being totally "round" but how's all this supposed to actually fly being pear shaped? Beats me... I just live here on this so called mudball. I stay out of that rabbit hole as it really leads nowhere fast but I have determined that The Earth is indeed shaped like a staircase and we're all living beneath the bottom step........... in the dark. I digress but I did enjoy!

I have not done enough research on this topic, but your question and points are well thought out. I myself would like to know the answer to so I will pass your article on to a flat-earther and see what he says. Interesting article. Thank-you!

I'm glad you enjoyed the article. It will be interesting to see what the flat earther has to say.

I will let you know!

Awww man, the earth's not flat?!?!?
Good read!

Great post man. I work with a guy who believes the earth is flat and because I try to consider all possibilities I did spend a bit of time a few months ago looking into it and I can see why some people get sucked in. The funny thing is that because I didn't rudely or arrogantly dismiss his views and actually looked into it, most mornings people that sit near him in work walk past my desk and make stupid jokes implying that I am a flat earther, simply because I looked into it.

I'll forward this post to the my colleague to see if he has an answer for the flight times you point out in your post.

There are far more important things to be looking into than flat earth and you're right that it divides people and stops them from looking into other more important topics.

Thanks @jimbobbill. I wish you luck with the guy at work. I hope that he takes it seriously, many just seem to dismiss it and reply with 'but what about X'? On the surface I can see why some people may believe in a flat earth. They do have a few decent arguments to support the belief. But not nearly enough for me to change my position.

I did receive a reply from someone who doesn't believe the earth is flat but is open minded and likes to play devils advocate. He wrote the following...

But that uses data about how quickly the planes are flying. If the planes were flying at different speeds they would be perfectly possible. If flat earthers don’t trust anyone who says the earth is round there is no way they would believe the data about how fast the planes are flying!

Well the southern hemisphere planes would need to be flying at over 1,000 mph (1,600 kmh) for that to work.

If flat earthers don’t trust anyone who says the earth is round there is no way they would believe the data about how fast the planes are flying!

I think he is right.

It's insane that we even have to argue this point in 2018. The internet can be dangerously influential with some people...

It sure can. As you can see in the comments there are people that are still holding on to this belief in the face of overwhelming evidence against it. Sadly, it's such a waste of people's time.

Yeah it is. It's fun arguing though, because you know you're right and anything they say continues to make them look even less intelligent.

The flat-earthers, one even in the comments here, say that they have evidence that makes more sense than our evidence for a round Earth. I think it makes more sense to them because it's not based on actual science or physics, it's based on much more simple concepts and preys on their ignorance.

informative post, for all I learn in our country's history books that the belief of flat earth was ended during Magellan's world travel. His life had also stopped after being killed by our brave village leader. No matter which is really true if the earth is flat or spherical, but the clear truth is that the earth is so beautiful to live with.

Very interesting article :)

Their answer to the flight paths is that GPS is fake also, and the earth is a lot smaller than people are being led to believe it is by GPS... I used to watch some videos on youtube about it, gotta admit some points are intriguing but it's just too much, goes against everything humans have built upon until now, math, science, such a scheme would not only require NASA but also every other country in the world to be participating in to deceive the people of earth.

This may surprise you but I believe that every nation in the world is already controlled by the same group. I have shared small elements of this in some of my posts but I am yet to do a comprehensive expose and explain why I believe this.

It is a very heavy topic that requires many hours to succinctly compose and a very difficult one for most people to wrap their head around, let alone accept. It seemingly contradicts much of what we have been told throughout our lives.

The deception is greater than most people believe it to be imho. I'm not trying to be provocative, just sharing my opinion. I will try to expand on this belief with a post in the not too distant future. I've wanted to blog about this for some time but I have a few other topics that I need to cover first.

There is a lot that we will never know and there are too many rabbit holes to look down. Sharing what we know with each other can help all of to reach a higher level of awareness and bring us one step closer to the truth.

i can't believe how many morons still push this flat earth junk.

I can believe how many retards fall for the heliocentric lie when there's literally no proof of evidence for it.

I have a couple of questions also. First, how thick is the earth. We know that oil drilling rigs go down past 25,000 feet (5 miles). Granted this is done through directional drilling so it's not straight down. Also if the earth is a disc, what's on the flip side and why haven't we explored it?

A depth in the vicinity of 8 mi has been claimed to be the record. As to why we haven't explored it, only you can answer why you haven't explored it. Some say they have, and we get stories of a hollow earth and the underworld.

Nothing to explore... The Earth is round contrary to what the Mental Defective League says!

Proof of that statement is easier to imagine than produce. If you have any, this might be a good place to present it. Before you do you might want to read through some old debates on the topic and know how every argument you are considering has concluded.

You must be really smart... a legend in your own mind!

Everyday I interact with idiots and geniuses - I feel quite average. Kinda like your responses.



All Truth is the Truth of God. Study to show yourself approved. Be not deceived, for many false prophets will come in My Name... The Name of Truth that is, Jesus Christ and God The Father. May God Bless You all.

Mind is like god, it can generate own logic for any outlandish idea and justify anything.

one just have to believe in it (like the flat earth theory), and the mind will create logic to justify everything and deny any other logic to override it until one lets it go.

And by the way people forget the duty that they need to perform in politics during their lives and leave it to others, that is the reason most people talk about governments as something alien.

We are the government, it has not fallen from the sky. those who don't believe in the government can venture into politics and try to take control, Don't expect it to be easy and fair though, it will take time and persistence to make some mark like any other field,

One can deny everything as government conspiracy, if we are believing government to be alien and out of our reach.

"Be the change you want to see."

So true - maybe that's why flat earth theory isn't very popular in the Southern Hemisphere - everyone here knows it's bollocks...

Yes I think flat earthers are brain dead retards with tofu for brains...

That flat earth really is funny :D it will really violate the law of gravity. When you get throw a ball upward it will go to the center of the flat earth definitely!

Cute story, but that's not how things work. Try researching and experimenting instead of coming up with silly ideas that make no sense in the real world.

That will work surely because all things here on earth are pulled by the earths gravity towards its center. If and only if flat earth really exists. Since the gravity will pull at the center, if far from the center then you throw a ball upward, the gravity will pull the ball towards its center which causes the ball not to go back to you.

There is no law of gravity. There is the theory of gravity, and there are problems with it.

Gravity is not anymore a theory because it is already proven by scientists.

Oh? When did this happen?

Lol, if there is no gravity, we are all floating.

See, there you jumped straight into ridiculous. Give this song a listen:

That bible verse doesn't have much to do with the roundness of the earth, but i do think the conversation you had in the beginning is hilarious.

I'm pretty sure that some christians believe that the earth rests on pillars or foundation. That's why I added it at the end.

I'm glad that you had a chuckle. My brother-in-law got quite worked up. I think he was in shock.

I think I'm in shock now... :)

Beautiful work from you keep it up

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YES! - you have just proved the earth is flat!

Finding fault with the AE map does not in any way "put flat earth to bed". My instinct is to not flag this bullshit just in case you really are here to have a conversation.

With $8 in your wallet you better go with that instinct! :)

The problem is you are not here to have a conversation, you are here to squash it. Science is not a popularity contest.

You provide some science and we can discuss it...

Make observations.
Propose a hypothesis. 

The earth is a sphere

Design and perform an experiment to test the hypothesis.

Look out of the window of a plane

Analyze your data to determine whether to accept or reject the hypothesis.

Checks out

If necessary, propose and test a new hypothesis.

I'm happy with it

So when I looked out the plane window and held the edge of a SkyMall catalogue up to a flat horizon at eye level, how was I supposed to see proof of a sphere? Observation: You made a claim you have no hope of ever proving.

You would be an expert at that so you must be right...

Will this do?

If you took that picture yourself then we have something to talk about. Otherwise, you have been ignoring previous points.

This is the strangest exchange I've ever had on Steemit - there is probably a label for what you are doing.

Have you considered pro wrestling?

And why don't you compare actual flight times, and not compute flight times? Computing just compares one model to another. Its bogus.

Take actual data, and then see which model fits it.

And find a non-stop flight from
Santiago, Chile to Sydney, Australia

"it's bogus"

"Take actual data, and then see which model fits it" - yes, why don't you?

Still waiting for that evidence....

Give me a break.

Above the author says:

All flights have been calculated at speeds of 500 mph (804 kmh). 30 minutes has been added for take-off and landing.

So, he is computing the flight time, and the distance is based on one model, and compared to the distance on another model. Even if they are right, they are completely wrong.

You take your models, compute the times, and then compare and contrast them to actual flight times and routes.

Even if you think the opposition is shtupid, the doesn't give you the right to skip over all the actual data.

If only you had done what you suggest instead of searching for more meaningless cartoons of an imaginary earth that nobody has ever suggested to be true.

I hope one day you actually do the research instead of letting your cognitive dissonance control you.

And find a non-stop flight from Santiago, Chile to Sydney, Australia

I have friends that have flown that route separately. One of them goes to Chile often. I asked him if her flew non-stop and this was his reply on whatsapp.

12.5 hours is quick.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 5.06.34 am.png

I'll add this to this post now.

Classic - I knew you'd find some flatties - glad it's your post, I was starting to get a bit freaked out on mine :)

They don't seem to grasp that waiting is different to flying...

Not to mention if the earth is flat, how do we have seasons. Great post btw.

Saying the earth can't be a plane because of seasons is about as stupid as it gets. Try some research on the subject before you make yourself look like a fool again.

so your saying the sun cant move higher or lower... on a flat plane ?

i just want to know this
in a flat earth how will there be a day and night if the sun is always up like they say there will be always day

Great work... Atleast this will serve as part of evidence that the geologist are enlughten us more about how the earth looks like and given us detailed about the description

let me assure you that after more than 30 years of stellar travel that not only is the Earth quite round, but so are all of our celestial bodies! Once you do finally travel to space and look back you will know this without a doubt.

Your beliefs in an ancient religion does not assure me of your silly ideas at all.
However, proofs of evidence do. So what's your best proof that you live on a spinning ball?

Well, @ponts , there are many ways to illustrate to you that we are living on a round spinning celestial globe.. Let me try to illuminate some of them.

1. When you compare the macrocosm with the microcosm, you discover that there are striking similarities in form and function. We see the same patterns and shapes in the smallest things as we do the biggest. For example the orbits of electrons around protons and neutrons in an atom are very much like the movement of planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies. There are a thousand examples of this when we look at nature and the universe.

Now, let me ask you .. have you ever heard of a flat molecule? Have you noticed how the cells that make up our bodies are round and never flat. Molecules are all three dimensional, made from round atoms and elements .. there is nothing flat in the micro-verse, and conversely we can deduce that the same must be so for the macro-verse. Planets and starts are all round and very bulbous indeed.

2. If I was able to explain the mathematics and physics of celestial bodies, and the effect of a spin on shape, you would understand instantly that a spinning flat object is an unheard of phenomenon! It is simply impossible due to the most basic laws of Newtonian physics.

3. I have been exploring this galaxy for decades, and have landed on countless planets, in almost the same way that your astronauts do. When you make an approach to a globe, it is quite obvious what the shape is, and our calculations are all based upon a round globe rather than a flat circle. If this was not the case, your space ships would have crashed many times trying to land.

I hope this goes at least some way in explaining things for you. I always salute those who challenge the truth, even in the face of great adversity or dogma. It is that earnest search that can uncover some of the greatest knowledge and mis-truths about life itself.

“The road from legitimate suspicion to rampant paranoia is very much shorter than we think.”
― Jean-Luc Picard

Your proofs are nothing more than assumptions! You are assuming that Earth is a globe because of how atoms work. You assume the Earth is a spinning globe because a spinning flat object doesn't make sense. ( this one made me giggle) THE EARTH IS STILL NOT SPINNING! And your third point is just silly nonsense that holds no proof of evidence, just like your other points. STOP ASSUMING THINGS! They show nothing more than you believe in fairy tales. We all know you haven't been flying around space landing on planets, so stop making things up, you just look like a fool now saying you have landed on countless planets. Thanks for the laugh though, must be fun to play make believe.

Let me assure you young man, you have NO idea where or When i came from. I am indeed from the future and have come back here to assist many people.

I can feel from your comment that you seem quite angry. I believe this is limiting you from hearing the truth.

We have to trust our instincts and use our discernment to know the truth. Our feelings and intuition are our most valuable attributes, and yet you seem to place no value on them..

I have given You proof, but you have rejected it. This is despite it being the greatest proof i could have ever offered you (within the prime directive) . If you calm and open your mind though Vulkan (or other) meditation practice I believe you would benefit greatly.

Be Humble, Life Long & Prosper

Last night I spent a long time reading this post and the comments/discussions it has generated with great interest. Respect to the FE proponents and the energy some of you have put in over here, and respect to those who engaged with them on a serious, if at times hillariously flippant, level (sure paradoxes exist and meet :). I am replying to @cpt.picard's comment here as one of the points he made really stands out to me as relevant:

When you compare the macrocosm with the microcosm, you discover that there are striking similarities in form and function.

The circle or spherical shape is basic, elementary and natural. It goes back to the beginning of time, where there was nothing - '0' or even a dot, a round circle full-stop of infinite potentiality and non-form. The circle or sphere has great internal cohesion and also has a special relationship with all the other fundamental shapes, bounding them within it. It can represent infinity - without a beginning or end point (or with ALL points being beginning and end points - an infinity of them!). That the circle or spere is the natural shape of planets, stars etc seems therefore logical to me.

However, one thing I do know is that appearances ARE deceptive. This may indeed be a simulation and there is a lot to indicate that we do project our own realities. I think that over and above the appearance of 'littleness' and 'victimhood' we experience, there is an infinity of creator potentiality in all of us, without exception! Literally, there may be room in this mulit-dimensional universe for both flat and round - and also no-earth realities, none of which are ultimately real.

Correction, this is the most popular flat earth map in existence. It is the flag of the United Nations.


That there are still people who debate whether or not the earth is round or flat still blows my mind. Like, have they not seen photos from the space station? Good post! :)

Very interesting article!
I’ve heard of people believing that the earth is flat and apparently there are a lot! But I’ve never spoken to someone who does believe this! I’m curious how they would argue!

To bad you didn't do you research into flat earth.

There are flat earth channels that talk extensively about southern hemisphere flights. And, they make a lot more sense out of the same data as you have here.

So, riddle me this. If a light house can be seen from X miles away, and the computations of the ball earth places it clearly over the edge of the horizon, how is it seen?

Now where are those photos of the underside of the flat earth you have as evidence?

Do not mistake me for a flat earther.
There is a lot of questions that need to be answered.

And currently, I think that none of the models match reality.

I'm "mistaking" you for a flat earther because you are behaving like one. If you are not a flat earther could you provide evidence of that? (eg. "I don't think the earth is flat" - it either is or it isn't...)

The earth is neither a ball nor a pancake.

Proof? - I say it's a ball! - for once the onus of proof is not on me, it's on you...

How do you figure you can say it is a ball and not have to prove it?

How do you figure you can say it is flat and not have to prove it?

Too bad i won't bite.
I have seen enough evidence to make me question the assumptions, then more evidence to make me disbelieve.
And since I saw much of it on Utube, you could do the same.

I will not waste time trying to prove anything to you.
It can't be done. Even if I had photographic evidence, it wouldn't be enough. Even if I had mathematical models, enough to fill a library, it wouldn't be enough.

The only thing I ask of you is to not call me a flat earther.


No one claims to have photos of the underside of the Earth, because everyone knows it's impossible to get there. Your silly idea and cartoon shows no proof of evidence for any claim, just your ignorance on the subject.

Why not go there?

Where is your evidence?

I have no reason to argue with simple minded people that choose to believe what others tell them rather than doing their own research. There's just no point in trying to help some people wake up. You are one of those.
I'm not going to spoon feed you the answers you are looking for, that's exactly how you got into this mess in the first place. I simply suggested doing research over choosing a belief system that works for you.

Yes - your ponts are now proven with solid evidence...

Because of international treaty. Without permission by most of the world's govern-cements, if you go down to those waters, you will be turned back or sunk.

So, do you have any ideas of how you can see a lighthouse when, by the ball earth theory, it should be way over the horizon?

I live in NZ - we are the last port for all the ships that go into "those waters"

But I can't see any lighthouses beyond the one on the other side of the harbour...

I'm a sailor. I intend to sail my yacht to Antartica in the next 4-5 years. I know sailors that have been there. They were not met by naval warships and told to turn around. They have no reason to lie to me about their trips down there.

Trevor Robertson is from my home town. He is the only man in history to have solo sailed his yacht unassisted and allowed himself to be frozen in for both an Antarctica and Arctic winter. Here is a link to his blog - you can find other articles about his exploits.

@sift666 - there are many ports that a sailor can depart from and NZ is certainly one of them. Patagonia is the closet to Antartica and a very popular launching pad.

Awesome - yeah I know people who have been right up to that wall of ice but penguins told them to go home :)

you crack me up - those dastardly penguins must have been trained by the UN ;)

You haven't actually looked at the books and calculations they use to site lighthouses have you? They make them a specific height for a reason.

You haven't worked out that height is almost irrelevant at the distances they can be sighted. The newest lighthouses are built close to the ground.

Draw to scale. 50 miles. Then draw to the same scale a light house that is 1000 feet above sea level.

Jaimethompson, you and your husband David, aside from being sexual deviants, and cyber-stalkers. please stop following me around the Internet. I don't want to be a part of your cuckoldry. And you're ugly and demonstrably stupid to boot. Leave me alone. I don't want you in my life. You have been stalking me for eight months. Get a life you stupid hoe.

The planet earth is not flat

Because there are no straight lines in the universe.

Figure 1 is popularly agreed upon, and is presented as the obvious correct answer in a multiple choice A or B and there is no C scenario. The problem with Figure 2: while that map has grown in popularity, it has been in no way accepted by all who would deny a globe model as an accurate representation of a flat earth.

thanks. have a nice day

I've written about the Flat Earth hypothesis recently. What bugs me the most is how they can keep such a huge conspiracy that requires the cooperation of pretty much every nation in secret?

Would love to know what you think.

2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 (KJV)
10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

💥In my opinion, it would require strong delusion to be induced into believing flat earth stuff. Very sobering to think; and so many people are complacent about sin.💥

2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 (KJV)
10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

💥In my opinion, it would require strong delusion to be induced into believing flat earth stuff. Very sobering to think; and so many people are complacent about sin.💥

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