The Best Flat Earth Documentary - Or The Biggest Lie Alive Today?

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Have you ever wondered why anyone believes the Flat Earth Theory?

Then this video is for you!

"Science is ongoing. Science is continually refining and expanding our knowledge of the universe, and as it does, it leads to new questions for future investigation. Science will never be 'finished'."

From :

Eric Dubay who is known as the person who brought back the FET and who was interviewed last year by Steemit famous @dollarvigilante breaks down just about every single thing you have never heard about the Flat Earth Theory in one video lasting more than 6 hours.

You will learn everything you never wanted to know by the time this is over!

Is this where you live?

Do you really live on a ball spinning 1,000 mph while hurling 515,000 mph with the solar system through space?

In the video Eric covers the following material and much more :

  • The horizon
  • The Sun & it's distance from Earth & how it moves in the FET
  • The Moon and how it moves in the FET
  • The Planets
  • NASA, Space & Moon-walks
  • The rotation of the Earth
  • The speed of the Galaxy
  • Polaris proves the FET
  • The stars and their distance from Earth
  • The Earth fixed and motionless
  • Water and the FET
  • Absolute relativity
  • Gravity does not exist
  • Science is a religion
  • Freemasons hide knowledge
  • The United Nations
  • The FET map
  • Fish eye lens cameras
  • Perspective
  • Mathematics
  • Photoshop & CGI
  • Keeping an open mind

So what do YOU think? Tell us below!


There is no flat earth theory.
Only disinformation:
-and a clueless few. It doesnt even qualify as hypothesis bc there is no compelling evidence in support of it.

He had some pretty compelling arguments. Must of looked into it just a bit if he's willing to make a video like that what would be the harm if it was flat. Iv always thought there was something fishy going on. Now a day's with main stream media and the proof of their lies all around us who's to say......

I find Math Powerland to be more credible than Dubay. He has been putting out flat earth videos for the last 5+ years as opposed to Dubay jumping on the FE bandwagon only 1 year ago.
Powerland is and artist/actor who used to work for NASA as a photo-realist painter. Look for TheNASAchannel on youtube.

Bravo, keep them coming. @ironshield

all you have to know that water is always flat , sea level the same on the planet ,if the surface of water is flat ,so is the land ,water never go up hill .

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