Before THE BIG BANG | Ch 5. A Hibernating Universe

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Hey Starlord here,

In my last post, we read about big bounce theory. There are more theories which are seems to be correct to some extent. Though there is another theory for origin of universe which we are going to discuss in today's post. So, Maybe before the Big Bang, the universe was small, slowly evolving fixed space. This pre-Bang universe would have been metastable, meaning it would have been stable only until it basically realized there was a more stable state.
According to some theories, the pre-Bang universe simply could have existed in a flat, high-pressure state for a very long time. Eventually, this metastable period came to an end, causing the universe to inflate (as we’ll explain in a bit) and turn into what we see today.
The hibernation universe theory has its own issue. It suggests our universe has a low-entropy beginning, without offering any explanation as to why…?
Well we’re are just looking for an explanation of the dynamics that happened before the Big Bang that tells some story about why we see, what we see.[source]

TIMELINE OF THE UNIVERSE [Image Credit: NASA / WMAP Science Team. Public Domain]

Some theories suggest that a collision between universes would have resulted into a Big Bang, an entirely new universe.
So along with this a simple question arises that “Do we live in Multiverse?”
What came before the Big Bang? Maybe other Big Bangs. The uncertainty principle holds that even the vacuum of space has quantum energy fluctuations. Inflation theory says our universe exploded from such a fluctuation- a random event that, odd are, had happened many times before. Our cosmos may be one in a sea of others just like ours- or nothing like ours. These other cosmoses will very likely remain forever inaccessible to observation, their possibilities limited only by our imaginations.
Parallel Universe [Image Source: Max Pixel. CC0 licensed]

Another interesting question is “What is the shape of our universe?’”
So, the answer is, as Einstein discovered that a star’s gravity curves space around it. But is the whole universe curved? Might space close up on itself like a sphere or curve the other way, opening out like a saddle? By studying cosmic background radiation, scientists have found that the universe is poised between the two: just dense enough with just enough gravity to be almost perfectly flat, at least the part we can see. What lies beyond we can’t know. Let me know your thoghts in comment section.
Universe Shape [CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

Thanks for reading and learning

References for further reading

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