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Spiritual Awakening! Neurology of nondual recognition.

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Another thing I didn't mention in this post was how people can have a head awakening but remain tied to the emotional charge attached to sensations/contractions that arise in the body/nervous system so enlightenment includes a continued becoming conscious of and allowing these movements of energy which is essentially a life long deepening into the "recognition", I have heard it referred to as spiritual embodiment. There are tons of self inquiry pointers and various different traditions that point to the way (or the way of no way), I guess each human has to take what works for them, my personal preference is away from any traditional approach because it can appear very mystical and often cryptic, even down to any talk of chakaras though most people could recognise the experience of "heart break" literally manifests as an uncomfortable sensation in the heart area or how love can seem to be an opening of the heart which radiates and saturates into the world. I like a very direct route pointed at in layman's terms, I really feel the whole freedom from suffering or enlightenment thing should be accessible to everybody and the pointers boiled down into terms a 5 year old would understand, I think it's really important that any person can be met with pointers no matter their background, though seemingly just being present with folk who are going through times of internal struggle can go a long way in helping the healing process. For me, the simplicity of taking repeated moments of thought free presence has completely changed my life. When I look at the traditional teachings of Advaita Vedanta or even Buddhism they make sense from an experiential perspective where before I began investigating the simplified contemporary teachings they were pure mystical "spiritual" concepts, it kind of placed waking up in a realm beyond my ability. Yeah, I guess if we were continuously void of any sense of self we would be void of likes or dislikes, have no preferences for any of the arts and probably fail as a species as we would fail to act on thirst or hunger? Who knows . Thank you for your comment, sorry for my ramblings 😂

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