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RE: No News is Good News - Not So Much

in #science4 years ago

does valued-customer says the Chinese government is reducing the number of deaths from the corona virus?
Koreans do not believe the Chinese government's announcement like you do.
I agree with you. However, the number of Chinese is so large that Chinese people would not be interested in the mortality rate.

Perhaps China wants to reduce its population for economic development because of the lack of food and resources compared to its population.

Your argument is rational and morally correct. But China's reality can only be solved by God. What can humans do?

I was surprised that you had a heart attack. Please your health.


"I was surprised that you had a heart attack."

I am sure I was more surprised =)

"Perhaps China..."

Because of censorship and disinformation from the CCP, we can only guess why the CCP is doing whatever they're doing. Without facts, people guess.

We need facts so that we can understand, act logically, and achieve the best possible results of action. It is sad that the CCP and WHO seem incapable of understanding this simple truth. When governments lie, their people die.

It is truth that sets us free, and enables us to live.


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