Microbiology Lab: Streak Plate

in #science6 years ago


This is my first attempt at streaking. (I know it needs more practice 😆). For our laboratory in microbiology, we need to polish our skills at streaking. Its purpose to be able to culture a pure colony of bacteria and observe its characteristics.


Hey hey hi @shairanada! And hello fellow PCO!!!
What are you growing on those plates?

Those are pretty neat streaking right there.

Upvoted and followed you coz i think you're awesome 😘

I attempted to culture a pure colony of Staphylococcus aureus. I took a sample from a human body specifically from my face to observe ubiquity of microorganisms.

I was shocked seeing as many live cells after incubation.

Microorganisms are small but terrible (in a good way). It's really amazing working with it in our micro lab.

Thank you. I am even more motivated to work hard :) <3


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