Have you ever wondered in which dimension GOD lives ?

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As per quantum physics theoretically, there are 10 dimensions of space possible.
Do you know God Lives in 6th dimension of space and since we live in the third dimension of Universe we cannot see the God with naked eyes.

Let me explain how

One dimension is a single line. A second dimension is a plane with X and Y coordinates the third dimension has three axes of coordinates X Y and Z .we live in the three-dimensional world. In four dimension space, the fourth dimension is time how 3D space changing with time meaning how our galaxy is changing with time.


Soul enters into fourth-dimensional space after the death of his or her physical body in the third-dimensional world.
Therefore after death soul gets Divya Drishti and able to see his her relatives crying but cannot do anything and gets ready for his journey to Yamloka which exist in fourth-dimensional space.

Now if somebody is living in 5th-dimensional space he will be able to see how all the galaxies of Universe are changing with the possible timelines Lord Vishnu exactly doing this he is observing of the Galaxy of Universe by sitting under the garbodhka ocean. This ocean is nothing but 5-dimensional space with high gravitation pull.

Hence the fifth dimension is all possible timelines if we consider a single timeline to be a series of events that can occur over time then the fifth dimension is the entire collection of such timelines that is all possible timelines that could occur in the universe. But there is not a single Universe there is multiple material Universe with their corresponding possible timelines anyone who is residing in 6th dimension in space can observe all the possible timelines of multiple universes.

So now the question is who can observe all the possible timelines of multiple Universe. the answer is nothing but God.

Lord Krishna who is also known as Maha Vishnu residing inside the Karna Ocean over which multiple universes floats.

In Hinduism, this 6th Dimension space is permanent where soul dissolves after getting Moksha and get away from this cycle of birth and death.


Hinduism is great, isn't it?


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Interesting article. At one point, I was fascinated by dimensions. The 4th dimension is time and if we become 4th dimensional beings, we can travel through time! Past, present and future are all happening at the same time and 4th dimensional beings can see this just like a movie. I can't even imagine what higher dimensional beings can see and do. I guess only spirituality will lead us towards higher and higher dimensions.

These are some interesting topics you have. You should post more articles , including things about your personal spiritual journey.

Interresting! I will follow.
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God(π7) is a ratio, a graphic enhancement to the already divine formula known as YHVH(τ2).
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