Are We All Actually Martians?

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The story of the origin of life is as mysterious as ever. Even after countless studies and research, we still have no clue as to exactly how life came to be and when.

Every time we seem to inch closer to the truth, there is a new finding that makes us rethink things. I wonder if the evidence that we are looking for is even there considering the violent past of our planet which may have obliterated it.

For now, all we have are theories and there is no general consensus among scientists to how life began on Earth. One such theory, which to be fair sounds outlandish but is completely plausible is that life on Earth could have come from Mars.

The Red Planet - Our Ancestral Home?


The red planet is a dead planet right now with an atmosphere that is only 1% of Earth’s and water that exists only in the form of frozen ice caps in the poles of the planet. It is a huge barren wasteland over there with no signs of life as far as we know.

But it didn’t always use to be that way. Scientists estimate that billions of years ago Mars had a lot of water in its ocean(s) and had an atmosphere along with a magnetic field, and that the conditions might have been sustainable for life to have thrived.

Then, something happened around 3.8 billion years ago to change all that. Slowly it lost all its atmosphere, water and maybe even any life that might have been harbouring at that time.

Could it be that Mars might have been home to life first and that it is actually our ancestral planet? Could it be that life on Earth was sent from Mars as it slowly turned into a lifeless planet?

If so, our story would be like that of Superman who was sent to Earth from his dying planet. Only in our case, we are not super, just man/woman!

Earth - Our Home


Earth is teeming with life with hundreds of millions of species that roam around the planet forming a biosphere that is as rich and diverse as it can get. We have all read about the theory of evolution and how life evolved from single celled organism to everything that we see today.

Although far-fetched, the idea that it could have all begun from Mars, is certainly plausible. So, how could life have completed its journey from Mars to Earth spanning 225 million kilometres?

Scientists say that a huge planet-sized object could have collided with Mars which led to it losing its atmosphere. During such a collision, it is not difficult to imagine that some pieces of Martian rocks may have landed on Earth which might have contained life or the ingredients to create life. If so, that collision ended life on one planet and gave birth to it on another.

In fact, till date, over 100 Martian meteorites have been discovered on Earth. There might be several more that are much older and could have been lost to time along with any evidence of such interplanetary travel of life. We may never know.

Going Back To Our Roots?


We humans are gearing up to make Mars our second home, thanks to the efforts of NASA, Blue Origin and especially Elon Musk’s SpaceX and within this century, that process will be well underway.

If the theory is correct, we might actually be going back to our roots, having lived on Earth for billions of years. That would make for one heck of a cosmic tale, wouldn’t it?

I can’t help but wonder what secrets may lie under the surface of that red planet which has always been so alluring to mankind, in our search for any cosmic neighbours.

Images used are taken from the public domain.

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Hmmm ... I've recently suspected my wife is from a different planet.

LOL. That's hilarious!!! haha!

I think you my friend @sauravrungta are watching too much movies like me, and believe that we can actually live on Mars. Even Big Bang Theory is good enough but no one will ever understand and find that how the life begins and when, they way the science is unable to measure the black hole...

Yeah, we can't live on Mars in the present condition. But SpaceX will be sending humans to Mars in the coming decades and then from there we will start the process of maintaining a permanent presence which will one day turn into a self-sustaining civilisation. I guess we will develop technologies till then which will help us alter the atmosphere to make it habitable for us so that we don't have to live inside domes 24 X 7.

Haha good one :D

That's ridiculous!!! ☺

First, when I saw the title, I thought it was Are we all Marwari?

Then I read the article and as always, it was a great have made me wonder are we actually martians.
I am thinking about waterland and Madmax, that might have happened.
Humans after progressing a lot, made a big mistake and destroyed everything.
Most of them died but only a few made it to earth.
Surely the day we solve this mystery, we would find a lot about humanity and what we can really do.

may be it is possible.

Lol Sounds like you read the article from the post below.

haha that's an interesting idea but I'm talking about the origins of life, not only humanity. Maybe life was sent as microorganisms here rather than fully developed humans ;)

I always believe some might have come here as fully developed humans. And they are bugging me in my life.

Just seen Nat Geos MARS, not a bad TV show. Mars rover2020 launching is going to be exciting. I wonder if we are ever going to be able to change the climate of Mars. Maybe in a couple of thousand years people could see Mars going green. :) imagine that. We are so successful at ruining a planet why can't we succed at making it better?

Much philosophy is coming from space exploration.

Yeah, these are exciting times to be alive for sure. By 2100, we should see a permanent Mars settlement if everything goes well and by then I'm sure we will have some kind of technology to start the process of making Mars green. It has already been proven that we can grow vegetables on Martian soil. Now we just have to go there and start growing them there! :D

This is the first time i am hearing about this theory. Weldon for bringing it to our knowledge.

Thanks for reading :)

Your welcome



Yeah, it's so frustrating that all of this is such a big mystery and the point is, we may never know!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Mars is just over half of the size of Earth. It would have took considerably less time to cool down compared to Earth. This would have meant that Mars could have been primed for conditions that are conducive to life arising much earlier than the Earth. Early life could have started on the red planet and it made its way to Earth via panspermia. It could be that the Earth does not have one single origin of life.

Woah! I didn't even think about it that way. Brilliant points. Completely agreed! :)

After martians seeing who are our leaders, what are we killing each other for and what are our values today, their message to us would be:

hahah instead of yankee there should be Earthlings ;)

hahaha hilarious !! thanks for that :D

Ancient Alien Theorists say "YES"

I wrote an article a few days back, where Martians came back home to Earth. It's worth a read

That looks interesting. I'll be sure to check that one out tomorrow! :)

Cool stuff.

the answer might be in the 50 miles of volumes in the vatican library...unfortunately that knowledge is not for us....hidden ancient knowledge...
how we accept and allow this this as a civilization is another issue for discussion ....

I'm sure there have been a lot of knowledge that has been lost to time. Whether deliberate or natural, the point is that we do not know many thing that we ought to know. Sad really.

It could be possible that we came from another planet. Looking at how we found bacteria in meteorites, it is possible that they arrived also on this planet and with evolution we became what we are already.
But a theory that we came here as the current form of our physical evolution?
Impossible, there would be remnants of spaceships somewhere. Or another thing, why have we lost our technological advancement? Why would we begin anew as mere cavemen or did we come here as intelligent monkeys and evolved? That is just impossible

Yeah, agreed. Life must have started here from the microorganism that were brought here from Martian rocks. We simply couldn't have come here in our current forms.

great information about cosmos


you can say thanks by upvoting .

We're actually originally from Lemurians, Mayans, and Naacals. We were a race of peace, unity and love from Lemuria. The islands sank so then we lived in Atlantis. After the Martians destroyed their planet from turning spirituality into a project, they found our planet to take over and repeat the same projects here on earth.

I think you should read our Vedic scriptures beginning with the Srimad Bhagavad Gita @sauravrungta .. it will answer all these queries.. DO NOT trust the word of these scientists on such matters as all they propose is only THEORY

I have been meaning to do that. But it is difficult to find an original one that has not been altered here and there to suit the uploader's agenda.

Would highly recommend reading The Gita with translation by Srila Prabhupada.. he has written translations for hundreds of Vedic books and is most known worldwide for his transparent and truthful commentaries/ purport

ok thanks will surely check it out :)

My mom used to call me Martian when I was a kid. Maybe you're right


I love to read this type of post! Thank you for sharing! Followed :)

I'm glad you liked it :)

That reminds me a little of Battlestar Galactica (new series) where we the humans find our home planet again.

What inspired you to write this story?

I was watching a video on YouTube which was explaining how Mars might have lost its atmosphere. Suddenly this light bulb appeared on top of my head! :D

I'd like to think I didn't come from Mars, but that's just me :)

haha me neither. Always imagined the Martian as green or something lol!

Certainly never in a positive light...

not all of us, just men, women are from venus, but not always xD

Maybe that saying has some meaning to it after all!! :D

I like your post. I'm starting to write some in my post. I hope to see you. I follow you, friend.

Thank you!!

I totally believe that. I've thought about this alot, and it makes sense to me that Earth is Mars part 2.
When the elements came out of balance, Mars became a desert. Maybe not forever though...

Yeah, it sounds possible to me too. I only wish there was some concrete evidence to prove this once and for all. It would be sooo exciting if we ever come to know that it is indeed the case! :)

I have never heard about this theory, it's an interesting one :)
But the evolution of our civilisation doesn't match really with this idea...

Oh, this goes way beyond the evolution of our civilisation. It is billions of years before our particular line of species even took form!

Great work, following!

Thank you :)

Why not, earth being seeded with microorganisms carried on asteroids sounds as more reasonable to me than some of the explanations I have heard.

Yeah, it is definitely plausible. Only if we could find some concrete evidence.

This was interesting! Meteors from Mars which contained life. This is possible in a way.
Currently I am reading this book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.
It's a super interesting book which gives insights into so many of the human behaviour and why we do what we do. Why we are the dominant species on the planet. If you get time you should check it out.

looks interesting. Will check it out some day! :)

Dont think we are from mars, although i always found this idea fascinating... We could be from any place in the universe in fact, earth is a place in the universe just like any other...

Yeah, the ingredients for life could have come from anywhere. It's mind blowing to think about :)

My girlfriend is a monster from other galaxy hahaha

Haha, She is not on steemit is she? Shhhh, whatever happens on the blockchain, stays on the blockchain ;)

Yeah dude i think so, just keep on our way

Fascinating stuff, a buddy of mine got me looking into Flat Earth lately, and it has me questioning everything!

No, don't go down that rabbit hole. The Earth is definitely round. :)

Completely lost its what we are.

Yeah that too!!

Can I use steemit on mars? I wonder

I'm sure once they have a permanent settlement on Mars, they will have high speed internet too ;)

we are alliens ;3

In essence, we might be, who knows!

I understand, you need to stock up on potatoes, prepare for their Martian gardens :))
But seriously, why not, anything is possible.

hahaha yeah, the 'Martian' movie taught us that we can live on potatoes. Definitely need to stock up on some!

Not martians but we were created by some sort of higher intellegence lifeform. It is allmost certain that we live in a simulation and chances we are living in base reality are close to zero.

Yeah, I have written about these ideas as well. You should check them out ;)

This is a better post than the first one I read which tackles Illuminati stuff. Maybe in the future, provided with major breakthrough in science, we can "go back to our roots"! Very logical and helpful. thank you.

I'm glad you liked it :)

Alien not so much. Though I'm pretty sure I'm a monster

Oh my, how could a monster type on a tiny keyboard? ;)

I guess I suffer from reverse monsteritis in my hands ?

Very nice ~.~ thank you for sharing + follow up

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

I've recently heard that fossils which are older than our planet are found :) Maybe you are right :)

yeah, that can only be explained by ancient asteroids.

please explain the relevance @heimindanger :)

Too long

It's the flower of life, isn't it?

I believe they are selling tickets for a one way tip to Mars. If you have the ability too, would you ever want to be on that journey to get to be the first to explore and start a colony in Mars?

Yes, I would definitely go. Not because I hate Earth or my life here but it would be such a different experience. Unlike any other in the history of our species!!

Sometimes I wonder what planet I'm from lol! Good read.

hahaha, If you are born here then you are an Earthling. If you're not born here, please ask your parents when they found you ;) LOL. Who knows you are superwoman? :D

I think I will ask them lol

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

"I can’t help but wonder what secrets may lie under the surface of that red planet which has always been so alluring to mankind, in our search for any cosmic neighbours."
same here ^^
Did you actually watch the movie "the martian"?

I kinda expect sth like that, if we ever manage to get to the mars to start life.

Yeah, I watched it, loved it and watched it several times again :D I'm a sucker for science fiction movies :D

i do not like every science fiction movie, but would rate it with 9/10 overall..
I love games like age of empires for example, or anno:
Start a civilization and that movie was exactly that ^^

yeah, I would rate it 9/10 too.
Age of Empires is love!!! :D

I love these space stories, you got my upvote save. If you are interested in science and investing in it, feel free to check out my articles too.

Let's get wealthy together


Thanks for the kind words!! Yeah, I love science too, I'm a geek at heart ;)

Unfortunately, on steemit science isn't that popular, yet. Just not enough people interested in reading it. Time to change that in the future :)

Yeah, that will change soon as more and more people make their way here.

I hope so. And I hope they won't just be interested in Bitcoins and pics of asian ladies ;)

Just think of it as home away from

Maybe in the future, that will actually be the case!! haha

My guess is that we are martians in the sense that we are affected by the energy of mars, but of course we are more affected by the earth because we live here, and the moon is closer, that is why we are such emotional creatures. Some of us are more influenced by mars, others more influenced by venus and so on. In a way, we are from everywhere because we are everywhere, remember, we are not this body, we are energy, we are spirit, its all a matter of where our consciousness is how that environment affects our perception and reality.

Are you talking about astrology when you say we get affected by different planets?

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My only problem with the idea of Mars being our ancestral planet is why did we leave? If we have to ability to terraform Mars now, surely our ancestors would have had the ability to do the same if they had the technology to leave Mars and mission to earth. Maybe earth was just a much better planet overall. Very interesting article thanks for sharing.

Maybe there was a global catastrophe and everyone was wiped off and only some microorganisms made it to Earth hitchhiking on broken pieces of Mars.